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[听力] BBC英语新闻报道,内有听力文本材料和听力音频材料~天天都有更新哦~!!

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BBC 美发大师维达·沙宣病逝2 m  k, G3 |* W2 ~
" K" h3 }; N% w; X
  o: g. B: y% S+ l  {& S8 X/ e
- E; i, Z# U4 ~  s  UBBC News with Marion Marshall $ L& K& o$ P* X
1 H# N- A) E2 v; u
Barack Obama has become the first American president to back same-sex marriage. In a television interview with ABC News, Mr Obama said he had always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally, but that he had been going through what he called 'an evolution' on the issue which still divides America.
/ j! W$ f' ~* @" q. O. C) n4 d4 Z. Y0 K. }& o+ N+ T
"Over the course of several years as I talked to friends and family and neighbors, when I think about members of my own staff who are incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together; when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask Don't Tell is gone. At a certain point I've just concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married." 5 t8 e' j" h" G) o
9 {$ V3 |' V) B: c
Mr Obama's announcement comes one day after the state of North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment, defining marriage is a union only between a man and a woman. His likely opponent in this year's presidential election, Mitt Romney, has said he remains opposed to gay marriage. % J* e. C2 g6 y! g5 z6 h
3 {3 v; |' F7 k& r* \5 B& ?
The Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, says the al-Qaeda group based in Yemen, AQIP, poses the most serious terrorist threat facing the United States. Mr Mueller said a recently foiled plot to blow up a US-bound plane with a bomb planted in an attacker's underwear showed the need for wide-ranging surveillance powers to be renewed by the US Congress. * I: ]8 @, j: X

* x" u5 e" G/ p( z' w0 J"Al-Qaeda is decentralized, but the group is committed to high-profile attacks against the West as we confirm from the documents seized from Osama Bin Laden a year ago. AQAP has attempted several attacks on the United States, including the failed Christmas Day airline bombing in 2009 and the attempted bombing of US-bound cargo planes in 2010. And of course, we in the bureau are currently exploiting an improvised explosive device seized overseas which is similar to the devices used by AQAP in the past." ( j; \$ K; `3 \
" e1 w5 M+ ~3 u
The trial of the Norwegian mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, is hearing for the first time from survivors of the massacre on an island near Oslo. The organizer of the Labor Party youth camp on Utoeya island was the first to speak. From the court, Steve Rosenberg reports. * q5 V3 J( \* x$ ?- S$ G: j
) Y1 e- b" u+ f
Tonje Brenna had taken shelter in rocks by the lake. She could hear gunshots, she said, and the sound of bodies crushing to the rocks, and the cries of joy made by the killer. Bjon Yilla recalled how a calm Breivik had approached him, claiming to be a police officer, then raised his gun. Bjon jumped into the water and tried to swim away as shots were fired. And while the survivors told their terrifying stories, the full-court psychiatrists watched Breivik closely to notice reaction. Breivik listened to the witnesses without a hint of emotion.
0 \, r1 r) I3 X! d. X. k
5 V3 P- [! O* f) ^+ n: J& eYou're listening to the latest World News from the BBC. - m  }+ ~# @- O. n5 R

0 ?: @- v, Y5 ^6 zThe United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned a roadside bomb blast near a convoy of UN ceasefire monitors in Syria. He said such incident could threaten the future of the UN mission there. Six Syrian troops at the back of the convoy were wounded. Opposition activists accuse the government of being behind the blast to deter the peace mission, but the authorities have blamed previous attacks on rebels.   |! `% x3 @3 W7 K, ~- ^7 @
- b* u% q! N/ k" e- [2 P
Police in Mexico have found 15 mutilated bodies dumped in two cars in the western state of Jalisco. A threatening note left with the bodies indicated they were victims of a gangland killing. The region has seen a rise in violence as the Zetas drug cartel tries to wrest control of the area from the rival the Sinaloa cartel.
9 O' }, `  G) |0 Z& s% `0 q- j( Y+ m% k" w# ~- z1 F) p: M/ l
In Austria, a burial ceremony has been held for disabled victims of Nazi medical experiments. The remains of more than 60 people were put inside an urn and buried at the central cemetery in Vienna. The victims ranged from 4 years old to 86 and suffered from psychiatric conditions and mental disabilities. The Nazis considered them inferior and used them for medical research. The remains are thought to be the last of their kind in Austria. # O& ~0 L4 j# }2 F# \. b- w

. a$ |' ^( @5 ^' D8 @The British-born hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon, has died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 84. Mr Sassoon was credited with revolutionizing hairdressing during the 1960s. Ben Ando has more.
9 w' w; Y' G$ K- K4 t/ J1 C/ A8 s& k, A5 `( Y
Vidal Sassoon has been described as the man who changed the world with a pair of scissors. He was born in London in 1928, and while still a teenager, became politically active, opposing Fascism and anti-Semitism. At one demonstration, he was arrested and spent a night in the cells. At the age of 20, he left Britain to fight in the Israeli War of independence. On his return, he joined a hair salon in Mayfair. His '5-point bob' hairstyle became the signature look of London in the 1960s, and over the coming decades, he diversified into hair products and hundreds of salons bearing his name were opened.
. n6 O! A9 a  A& s! A& K
% B) q, B0 j: Y( Z& MBBC News
& h8 t5 k8 f  C5 e" `
7 a5 L8 d3 W& |0 y6 l$ j“听力音频材料”
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BBC 科菲·安南称叙利亚有爆发内战危险
# `" p) v( T& V1 X& D1 g2 a
& O) X: Z# b& f& f4 u& a! J“听力文本材料”
/ }- |. x& q+ q3 f) S' m7 V# Q  N+ h' V$ N' }
BBC News with Marion Marshall . C& H- s  k& P
- A# x% B0 l. a) U' x3 @% u2 c
The United Nations special envoy Kofi Annan has warned that the current peace plan for Syria may be the last chance to avoid civil war. He said such conflict couldn't be allowed to happen and its implications would be frightening. Mr Annan was speaking after he briefed the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria. Barbara Plett reports from New York.
! j; `) k+ Y, g0 x% y2 P! p" U  f, I: Q/ _* g- P- U$ L
The tone of Kofi Annan's comments was bleak. He acknowledged that the government's use of heavy weapons had declined somewhat since the ceasefire declaration, but he said the level of violence remained unacceptable. He tried to sound a note of optimism, saying the presence of the UN military observers had helped to bring calm in places, and the deployment of the full team by the end of the month would make quite a difference. But he suggested that the peace plan might fail, and warned that this could mean full-scale civil war. Western envoys, such as the US ambassador Susan Rice, signal that they do stand ready to seek tougher action at the council, like sanctions; but it's almost certain that Russia and China wouldn't support such moves. 9 M- Y4 Y( e+ d, ]( n7 G. h

& m, J/ ?& @7 d6 X  }4 V' ?Libyan security forces have prevented armed protesters from storming the headquarters of the prime minister in Tripoli. The attackers were former rebels from outside the capital, who fought to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi last year, and were demanding compensation promised by the government. One member of the security forces was killed. Nasir al-Mani, who's a spokesman for the prime minister, said the government needed greater protection.
! h4 ]7 S8 z% ^! ]& Q9 O/ f% A. \" f
"We regret today's incident. There may have been civilians among the protesters who came to protest peacefully, but may have been exploited by others. We stress that while we try to be accommodating, we may have to use force to protect the state and its prestige." 6 [: m: U) J! h6 }. r: m

  R  l, Z7 G: o1 @6 F1 dAmerican military trainers have returned to Yemen to help counter recent gains by al-Qaeda militants and their supporters. Washington said a number of US personnel were working with the Yemeni armed forces. It didn't disclose the precise nature of their work or how many of them were involved. 1 d5 N7 h8 A) q- H: J) P1 K3 m1 V

9 ^# {, o1 s3 _$ }% ZThe leader of the far-left Syriza group in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has urged the country's two traditional big parties to abandon their commitment to austerity, saying voters had rejected it in Sunday's election. Mr Tsipras has been three days to try to form a coalition government. Here's our Athens correspondent Mark Lowen.   d" X5 ?: s" Y3 X

# f! v- R0 d9 R4 Q" G3 q, s' }"Mr Tsipras, will you succeed in forming a government?" * ~! {$ n% L% k' r
+ E3 H. ~2 G7 C+ T# n; ^% t6 `
There was no answer from Greece's young leftist leader as he entered the presidency building, given a mandate to attempt to form a new coalition here. Alexis Tispras has now begun talks with a range of parties – mainly from the left – but on one condition that Greece's international bailout and the austerity measures that accompany it are torn up. The likelihood of now forming a government is fading fast with a probability of fresh elections. That would hold up the next installment of the country's loan, and again raise the spectre of Greece's bankruptcy. 8 ?5 M, i, }2 w: @: ]8 O5 C9 d

7 g7 a6 m2 d& E% b6 W! L" F; ^# cYou're listening to the latest World News from the BBC. , D2 p" _5 l$ {- R7 p+ o

* Q& J* V4 r/ n9 g% ORussia's parliament has approved Dmitry Medvedev as the country's new prime minister. The appointment comes a day after Vladimir Putin returned to the presidency. The job swap between the two men has angered opponents who said it shows how power in Russia is held within a tight circle.
' n/ o) _: G- \: }+ f# B2 _! l) R3 i, k* n. H
The jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has indicated that she's ending her hunger strike. Her daughter said she'd agreed to be moved from prison to a hospital where she will be treated by a German doctor. Yulia Tymoshenko started refusing food more than two weeks ago after complaining that she'd been beaten in prison. Her treatment had sparked diplomatic protests. Earlier, Ukraine called off the European Summit it was due to host later this week after many countries declared a boycott.
& ~- }2 E6 }' E' G( z0 t" A9 L- g  q' O. e) m# W
The Sudanese government has informed the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission that it cannot continue with direct flights between its regional support base in Uganda and its operations in Darfur. A spokesman for the mission told the BBC that flights would now have to be rerouted via Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, which would be costly and difficult. 1 z3 |* @6 E5 ?; K/ T
3 F! C/ W: q9 P) h$ Z1 T
A paralyzed British woman has become the first person to complete a marathon in a bionic suit. Claire Lomas finished the London Marathon 16 days after starting the race with 36,000 other people. Mrs Lomas was paralyzed from the chest down in a horse-riding accident five years ago. Hundreds of people lined the streets as she made her final steps to complete the race. She said she hadn't been given an official medal because she didn't finish on the day of the race. But 14 other runners gave her their medals. 3 J0 q. O0 C( _, r
: Z/ R! k/ P4 `% u
"Now it's never really first*marathon because it's also a reason I stayed. I spent it for Spinal Research. They did as much as they can on the awareness of spinal injury. And then, eventually there were 14 medals – such ** nice on the cage. It's amazing."
3 ]; @! T- P) T/ d) ?, C. B/ T9 b1 y* e- d" x( J4 H  O
Mrs Lomas's bionic ReWalk suit allows her to walk by detecting shifts in her balance. 1 |3 c6 v) p. K& z
# E  ?# [0 K. U. i5 I$ b
BBC News 5 g7 M8 y* ?- k. c" v) @7 I

5 z, J6 `  r$ Q“听力音频材料”
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回复 43# 花Young年滑
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( J! E6 w9 F4 a; y' s/ W9 b& W$ M9 Q6 ?8 p2 w3 W4 @
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BBC 汤姆克鲁斯第三次离婚
9 r: T6 J* o+ C6 F( e# a6 W9 l) }7 A
/ {. t, j" N) D2 o* x% p
6 B/ N1 X% M4 N4 d5 `BBC News with Fiona MacDonald ( Y+ i* C% S( ^/ r+ B4 o" T3 w

; ?& _3 `# U8 uEgypt's president-elect Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood has taken an informal oath of office before tens of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Mr Morsi declared that there was no power above people power, telling the crowd that they were now the source of sovereignty and authority in Egypt. All Egyptians, he said, would be treated equally.
- ^! ^' L/ F" o, k7 H2 @- y% ]) I7 W8 O" v8 d* b
"All those who voted for me and all those who didn't, I am for you. No one's legal rights will be transgressed. This is democracy."   P" P9 v- i' G. g

$ q9 Z- a" \9 wMr Morsi, who's Egypt's first civilian president, has his official inauguration on Saturday.
4 e( I) O0 @- a  ]/ E. ^1 R# B$ c/ F2 G: i3 |
In a further boost to overcome the eurozone debt crisis, the lower house of the German parliament has decisively approved two of Chancellor Angela Merkel's key policies. They voted in favour of a permanent eurozone rescue fund as well as the fiscal pact which aims to prevent countries from running up excessive debts. But the pact still faces political obstacles, as Steve Evans reports from Berlin.
1 t7 |1 Z+ U9 X, e: u1 Z$ D& R: ~# m" y% a0 m6 P0 Y/ i, s
The so-called fiscal pact is the measure by which Chancellor Merkel set such great store as the means to put economies in the eurozone back on their feet. But there are still problems in Germany. In that the country's president has indicated he won't sign it into law until a legal position is clarified. It all illustrates just how hard it is for Chancellor Merkel to get measures she thinks are essential through the German democratic procedure.
6 V; ^# x( s) b3 s: ?4 ]6 L' k( y) d$ H; J- M
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says he believes there's a good chance of finding common ground on Syria at talks in Geneva on Saturday, but he warned against trying to impose any outcome in advance. Mr Lavrov was speaking after meeting the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in St Petersburg. Here's Steve Rosenberg. ( K- O0 T8 K( b" c

+ A3 H$ q- Z& T1 I! MRussia's role is vital because it has influence in Damascus which the other players don't. It supplies Syria with weapons and political support. While Russia's veto at the UN Security Council has already been used as a counter-weight to Western pressure, recent rhetoric between Russia and America suggests that East and West still don't agree on the key question - the fate of President Assad. 6 E% Z# |, j- F9 X# W* o+ N5 p8 B

3 {4 U+ g: i; V" h& t. S$ Z6 SGunmen in Kenya have kidnapped four international aid workers at the Dadaab refugee camp in the north of the country. The aid workers were seized when an aid agency convoy was ambushed as it drove through the sprawling camp. A Kenyan driver for the agency, the Norwegian Refugee Council, was killed. The Somali Islamist group al-Shabab is often blamed for kidnappings in the area. ( Z- T, n1 d3 z9 k

! W: I& I7 d# \" o3 gWorld News from the BBC
4 R1 }8 L- \$ R6 q5 [
4 c* F& b2 @" B2 o. ~Paraguay has been suspended from the South American trading bloc Mercosur a week after the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo described by regional leaders as a parliamentary coup. The presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay said Paraguay will remain outside the bloc until the next presidential election in April, but they decided not to impose sanctions. They also announced that Venezuela would now become a full member of Mercosur. : d  [) k7 n- D  e9 h2 M7 I

8 S- c: l$ H+ r8 n3 n. m3 J+ w% wThe brother of the American fraudster Bernard Madoff has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and falsifying records and has agreed to serve 10 years in prison. But Peter Madoff said he'd not known his brother's decades-long securities business was a sham until his brother told him it had collapsed in 2008. From New York, here's the BBC's Nada Tawfik.
' w4 v7 E  P( x5 h. M
( [8 p$ n: e0 _* J/ B4 m, ZBernie Madoff maintained no one else knew of his elaborate Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of $20bn, but prosecutors were never convinced. Peter Madoff helped to run his brother's Wall Street firm, but in a New York court he told the judge he was in total shock when Bernie Madoff revealed he had defrauded investors of billions of dollars, and that he was deeply ashamed and terribly sorry. But the FBI says Peter Madoff was one of the chief architects of the scheme, signing his name to documents that certified the firm's investment balances. . z( e* e' X, z5 X# r: J# a

: P+ r0 A( C, ~. Q, aThe Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made clear through his spokeswoman that he will continue to seek political asylum in Ecuador. He's wanted in Sweden for alleged sexual offences. Today British police requested that he report to a London police station, but his spokeswoman told the media that Mr Assange feared this would eventually lead to his extradition to the United States on espionage charges.
( N0 m5 d9 d6 _& Y+ x7 ^( l( ~0 o5 W( ]8 k
The film star Tom Cruise and his wife actress Katie Holmes are getting divorced after five years of marriage. They have a six-year-old daughter. Cruise has been married twice before to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers.
" Q. n/ J* O( {6 h% l( ^5 P7 }' }2 q  m" B
BBC News
1 I2 m/ I5 ^( d& D1 A8 O/ x( Y: c! N5 R
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BBC 新华社预言伦敦奥运会中国将夺得最多金牌
4 \/ w& ^; e9 v' v7 P6 |: F# i/ g& C
: }( L6 ]- c! K1 C“听力文本材料”2 w2 O" t. C  }. r0 U  f

) Q& y$ W6 Q% q/ t! |% |BBC News with Marion Marshall + h) W7 e! c) Z" [7 D/ ~4 E, l

' u  ~% u0 Z$ @9 s  m) w' gIslamist forces linked to al-Qaeda are reported to have seized the key town of Gao in northern Mali. Residents of the town say Islamist fighters have taken over buildings occupied by Tuareg rebels, including their headquarters, and raised the black flag. Our West Africa correspondent Thomas Fessy reports.
$ ^* S0 b3 G! D* F* A+ ?) n7 V# m; k$ @4 a) h
Islamist combatants have once again taken the upper hands over the Tuareg-led counterparts in the vast northern region. After weeks of uneasy truce in Gao and the failure to build an alliance, MNLA Tuareg-led fighters have reportedly been driven out of the key northern town by militants who want to impose sharia law. Heavy fighting broke out on Wednesday morning between the two rival groups. A doctor at a hospital in Gao said over the phone that most people killed and injured seemed to have been armed but a number of civilians had also been caught in the fighting.
( n2 F' F2 ~8 T4 v. D7 `8 Z- P+ |2 v- t
The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said there are no quick or easy solutions to the crisis in the eurozone. Mrs Merkel has been holding talks in Paris with the French President Francois Hollande. Speaking ahead of an EU summit on Thursday, she said leaders should avoid ** rash promises they can't keep.
1 `# F( I) k! K4 O( y/ k( O7 X5 X6 Y' g# i5 ?- @7 j' {- ?
"There is no easy and quick solution. There is no magic formula or single coup which can make the government debt crisis go away once and for all." / {1 C7 R; h$ P# x7 U: T* ^8 T
6 l4 x* k8 H7 o. y
British politicians have hailed a historic handshake between the Queen and a former IRA leader, Martin McGuinness. The Queen and Mr McGuinness, who's now a Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, shook hands at a theatre in Belfast. A spokesman for the Prime Minister David Cameron said the meeting had taken the Anglo-Irish relationship to a new level. Speaking at a Jubilee party attended by the Queen, Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson said that the handshake was an important moment.
9 Q8 }1 d2 s7 \* W
2 z2 K. g0 \4 l0 ^"I think it shows that Northern Ireland is moving forward. I think what you might describe as normality is occurring in Northern Ireland. And you can see it from the people, enthusiasm that there is. You've got a confident people here wanting to reach out, and I think that speaks very well for the future. 9 Y" W1 J2 m2 o1 G. Q& O
5 P2 W. `7 K  f- S! u
Barclays bank has been fined $452m for misconduct by British and United States financial regulators. The bank has apologised for systematically misleading the authorities about key interest rate figures. BBC's business editor Robert Peston explains. 1 ^- g5 e+ I/ m  n# p5 f0 \

9 B$ Q2 t+ K0 M) y+ n+ A, zBarclays has owned up to something simple and many would say shocking. For four years between 2005 and 2009, it lied about the interest rate it was having to pay to borrow. It attempted to manipulate so-called benchmark interest rates to increase profits or minimise losses on big deals. The regulators also say Barclays understated the interest rate it was being forced by creditors to pay during the credit crunch to create the perception that it was seen as stronger than was the case. * B. Q. N$ h5 W5 E, C; z
& f( d+ n. G& R. Q' z; F5 h
World News from the BBC 0 `6 w* Q' _% M& h) [# U% A
* b) ?9 D6 J6 M$ h
The European Union, the United States and Japan have reinforced their legal challenge to Chinese quotas on the export of rare earth minerals, which are needed to make a wide range of high-tech products. The European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht said the quotas distorted global markets, giving Chinese companies an advantage. China says the quotas are to protect the environment.
! p9 R3 n; A* }- F3 E
6 q* \! }- j' r; _+ a5 m+ a; [3 F* vThe US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she has great hope that an international meeting on Saturday on the conflict in Syria could prove to be a turning point. The meeting in Geneva is due to be attended by all five permanent members of the Security Council, including Russia and China. Mrs Clinton said the talks convened by the international envoy Kofi Annan could succeed if all parties backed Mr Annan's proposals. # W% N" X/ D7 P- {
0 z7 h$ ^1 }9 |" h7 s$ ^' u
"We are looking forward to hearing a report about his consultations with those whom he intends to invite. I'm keeping my calendar open for a meeting with a great hope that this perhaps can be a turning point in the very tragic circumstances affecting the Syrian people." : R9 g( n, Q/ d3 \; v$ |/ `
6 N$ v* J6 c1 p- |) [
A month before the opening of the London Olympics, the Chinese state-run news agency TingVoa.com has predicted that China will top the medal table, once again beating the United States. The TingVoa.com editorial sets out in precise terms where China can expect to win gold medals and predicts that it can win at least 37, nine of them in gymnastics alone. At the Beijing Olympics four years ago China won 51 gold medals.
1 l. P5 ]; V6 v" N* C! J& ~
5 B# _3 ]/ p6 \% F, M5 J# i. c4 ]Football, and Spain and Portugal are playing for a place in the final of the Euro 2012 football tournament. The match in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk has gone to extra time after no goals were scored in the regulation 90 minutes. The winners will face either Germany or Italy, who'll play the other semi-final in Warsaw on Thursday.
6 w: @" k# ]4 U0 ?3 p! h3 q+ r) P7 I3 A
0 L) T: H, E, J1 `) uBBC News
6 U- h9 ^* j8 P1 n# Q7 ]1 U1 Q- @! J& f1 j6 h
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BBC 美国东部遭遇暴风雨袭击致大断电
4 ?1 G/ S6 n/ g' r& Z
; q9 l1 \9 E* }8 v$ B“听力文本材料”
  G0 Q/ e0 W9 a. B
, }  }/ J$ f$ oBBC News with Nick Kelly 7 H6 U+ _. y! U# W! X5 ]; ~$ T
; ~) U  G& A0 U
The international peace envoy Kofi Annan says world powers have agreed on a plan calling for a transitional government for Syria. Speaking after the summit in Geneva, he outlined what needed to be taken place. , S5 ^- ?, Z0 {. J  d: G
3 U0 ]) S/ N6 ]
"The key steps in any transition include the establishment of its transitional governing body which can establish a neutral environment in which the transition can take place. That means the transitional governing body would exercise full executive powers. The transitional governing body could include members of the present government and the opposition, and other groups should be formed on the basis of mutual consent."
6 V6 c6 u  n' d' ~/ l. G
3 y- i0 [+ j5 U% S: EThe US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after the summit that the aim of agreement was a government without President Assad. 6 b- T' ^3 ]2 e# f

  ^  U# O1 c  H/ @5 D& `) V"Assad will still have to go. He will never pass the mutual consent test. The text also makes clear that the power to govern is vested fully in the transitional governing body, which strips him and his regime of all authority if he and they refuse to step down and leave." 8 O% q- v! j: R/ x+ ~) ~

) }& m* S3 n4 B: LHowever, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected the US interpretation of the agreement, saying there were no conditions set out on who could be in the transitional government. ! ?- }4 E/ l  p1 g+ _8 X: r

! r) O5 u8 [9 y"We're going to build the work for a transition and take it to a new stage, but that work will be done by the Syrians themselves. That is very clearly stated in the document it's a Syrian-led transition. We have achieved a situation where there are no prior preconditions to the transitional process and the national dialogue, and that there is no attempt to exclude any kind of group from this process."
, r0 d! B& G2 z' o4 f6 y4 l: `/ P% W+ |* K- n" i- i
In Syria itself, activists say the army has regained control of Douma near the capital Damascus after a siege and shelling lasting several days. They say dozens of people have died and hundreds more have been injured with bodies lying in the streets. The activists say many people have been forced to flee the town and others are trapped inside with food, electricity and water supplies running out. The Syrian state news agency said the army was continuing to pursue what it described as terrorists in Douma with dozens dead after raids on their hideouts. $ B; G( G/ i- q7 C0 H
' U8 P: s) Q1 t  N' w% y* x& x
Egypt's first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi has been sworn in with a call for the swift reinstatement of the country's parliament, which was recently dissolved. In a ceremony at a military area outside Cairo, the head of the governing military authorities, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, officially handed power to President Morsi. Earlier in a speech at Cairo University, Mr Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood said he'd protect the army as an institution, but he warned that its job was to defend the country, not to run it. Mr Morsi promised a shining new page in his country's history.
7 Z/ S* E( E( n! e6 H& M. |* s3 V2 n( R9 q+ m0 g; F' s1 h
World News from the BBC
5 W& E! y/ {# v8 ~! c2 y7 v" m
7 `0 y1 o8 l3 Y, y; fPakistan's new Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf says the country's President Asif Ali Zardari is immune from prosecution for as long as he's in office. Mr Ashraf was speaking on the issue for the first time since becoming prime minister. Three days ago the Supreme Court gave Mr Ashraf two weeks to clarify whether he intended to pursue corruption charges against President Zardari.
+ s% D. w) \& K" h3 A  i- }2 o9 t- P+ ]7 b% ]1 g2 k
A tougher policy on Afghan migrants is coming into force in part of Pakistan, which means up to a million Afghans could face deportation. Officials in Pakistan's northwestern province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which borders Afghanistan, say they will no longer tolerate Afghan migrants who are not officially registered as refugees. Here's Jill McGivering.
7 d1 N% ^1 O! r* ^& P
1 c- d' I2 |2 _% c& XThe whole issue of Pakistan's Afghan migrants is highly sensitive. During decades of instability Pakistan, like Iran, opened its borders to millions of Afghans, accepting them as refugees. Since 2002 they have started to go back on a voluntary basis. Almost four million have returned, but 1.7 million with a refugee status remain, and there's frustration in Pakistan that the rate of return has fallen.
* u9 P8 C& V" l6 D1 T/ h
" E' ~( p) T  B7 G. oThe former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir has died. He was 96 and had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Mr Shamir served as prime minister in the 80s and 90s. Born in Russia he was a member of a Zionist militant group before Israeli independence and later worked in the country's intelligence service. Mr Shamir's political career began in the 70s in the ranks of the right-wing Likud party, where he gained a reputation as a hardliner who opposed many peace initiatives.
( G# A* _( j- M* Y
  b6 c* U1 J4 [& T3 a9 T! yAnd violent thunderstorms have swept across the eastern United States, killing at least eight people and causing widespread destruction. State-wide emergency has been declared in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio, where more than three million households are without electricity. The process of restoring power could stretch into next week.
3 @) ?1 t, ?) A" w0 T; C; ~9 i( l* Z! n) N6 e- [  [* L' X
BBC News ' _+ [) z: m$ H5 K

( z9 ?, c+ l# f; c3 x8 _“听力音频材料”
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BBC 西班牙三连冠创世界足坛新历史* a7 s% [5 j, o- Y2 Z
7 Y5 ?! _; t* g7 A+ l9 R
0 l+ [% S; U" G( z8 |7 X: x8 {) u8 I
BBC News with John Jason
1 W* F& q/ T) P5 N6 |. X4 @9 n
( k, H/ E( F# I! h* N; dTens of millions of Mexicans are voting for a new president in congress in elections dominated by the economy and the war on drugs. Thousands of police and soldiers have been deployed to guard against intimidation by drug cartels at polling booths. Will Grant reports. $ u, _& Q: L7 @/ G0 N1 M- a8 s# F
1 U0 J8 E% p6 j$ A2 y
Thirty-one thousand elections observers are in place to ensure the counting is reliable, and all candidates have promised to accept the outcome. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is standing again, but the race isn't expected to be as close as it was six years ago. The frontrunner is Enrique Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. His rising popularity comes as many Mexicans have grown tired of the constant violence of the drug war and they're concerned over the state of the economy under the current administration. The drug violence is also a concern for the electoral authorities with heavy security across the country and the military on the streets of major cities.
6 u" P0 |! I( d5 I, n" `0 z
! f* m" ]3 R  @6 }$ OThe Turkish military has revealed that it's sent six fighter jets to the border with Syria after Syrian helicopters flew too close. Turkey has warned it will treat any Syrian military unit approaching its border as a direct threat. James Reynolds reports from the Turkish side of the border. + `5 o6 f! o. X1 n+ O5 b
/ H" p/ K6 F5 O# h( L9 u; O7 r
Scrambling of the jets is a sign of continuing tensions between Turkey and Syria. A little over a week ago, Syria shot down a Turkish warplane. Syria says that the aircraft was flying inside Syrian airspace – a charge denied by Turkey. Turkey is keen to show that it's protecting its territory. The government allows its southern border region of Hatay to be used as a staging ground by Syrian opposition rebels, but it doesn't want this region to be an actual battleground.
6 p4 h: Z; Y+ R7 p! E. A2 f5 }
) j' ?' A9 v- O+ gThe prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has said the destruction of Islamic shrines in the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu is a war crime. The sites are being attacked by Islamist rebels of Ansar Dine for a second day. Risto Pyykko reports.
" S/ ~# p! N0 V# z2 N/ z) x' h$ c$ F& L: R' L3 Q2 T5 O. ~) m4 Y
The attacks on the Timbuktu shrines began on Saturday. So far, at least seven have been destroyed. The Malian government has called for international help and warned that if the hardline Islamists of Ansar Dine aren't stopped, their attacks could spread throughout the countries(country). The first response came from Fatou Bensouda of the International Criminal Court. In an interview with a French news agency, she called the destruction of the shrines a war crime, and said her office was collecting information on the attacks. Mrs Bensouda warned the perpetrators they would be held accountable and that justice would prevail.
4 r8 H7 U0 }0 `4 c$ `
+ X8 ?. v4 H, xA Japanese nuclear power plant is back in action in spite a widespread protest across the country. Japan has been without nuclear power since May when the last of its fifty reactors were shut down for safety checks following the Fukushima disaster. The re-acted Ohi on the west coast was declared safe after stress tests, and is now likely to be fully operational within a week. The government is assessing whether to bring more plants back online in defiance of the demonstrations.
) Y; N+ Y% [5 K4 z0 F2 t2 ~
* H. y* i' U5 J2 Y/ o6 a5 b# z# sWorld News from the BBC ' y0 B4 x6 }+ o9 i3 L

! @; w( x9 s' ^4 fThe campaign for the presidential election in Venezuela has officially begun. President Hugo Chavez, who's running for a third term in office, rallied his supporters on the top of a lorry in Carabobo state. Mr Chavez, who's been receiving treatment for a cancerous growth in his groin, has a clear lead in the polls. But for the first time since he came to power 13 years ago, the left-wing populist is facing a serious contender, Henrique Capriles, a lawyer who's representing dozens of opposition parties.
! i- [% a( x( ?! c5 `. I5 @5 S% Y6 ?6 h( S$ p, e
More than 20 people have been killed in a rebel's attack on an army base in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Aid agencies say the region has become increasingly lawless because Congolese troops have been busy elsewhere. Martin Plaut reports. - s* Q. l2 L4 w. c: h8 n
7 y& x8 N/ _: U0 c( p# b4 h3 K
The attack took place in the area of South Lubero in the troubled eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Aid agencies say the fighting was typical of recent clashes. A mixture of army deserters and local rebels, known as the M*, attacked an army base. Three civilians were among those who were killed. Serious as the incident was, the aid workers said it was not out of the ordinary. The Congolese army has been moved to confront another rebel movement, the M23, which United Nations experts say is supported by the Rwandan government. 5 ]5 R9 Y/ B* o0 ^6 @

( A* I! A& f) T! Q1 jIn the biggest protest in Hong Kong for nearly a decade, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated against the Chinese Communist Party, demanding that everyone is given the right to vote. The protest came hours after CY Leung was sworn in as the new leader of the former British colony on the 15th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule. . I, J! x0 E& _' T
4 b) ^! N& @2 l: @1 Z$ ?* s+ T. Y3 e' B
Spain has won the Euro 2012 Football Championship, beating Italy 4-0 in the final in Kiev. It was the biggest winning margin in the history of the tournament. Spain have now become the first side to win three major international tournaments in succession, following their success in Euro 2008 and the World Cup two years ago. : Z( j9 n$ x" B5 a% \) `3 B4 U, P

. E* O5 g! H& }' wBBC News
. q, K7 C$ ^, y. R2 G$ i
4 x7 K" v" \: `- Y“听力音频材料”
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BBC 研究者发现为美洲命名者绘制的世界地图* f' U, P6 ]* C
: r) V2 n! E* X/ O
0 h, F" {; ~/ h; y( m- R7 `
% y; m0 c" n, l$ C- B, jBBC News with Nick Kelly
- K! P. _6 Z% j6 ~7 u& k7 d& @5 R
2 x  a/ a+ |: M0 B7 K' n& vPakistan has confirmed that it intends to reopen transit routes to Nato forces in Afghanistan closed last November following an American airstrike. It agreed to reopen the supply lines after the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized for the attack. Aleem Maqbool reports from Islamabad. 5 m! E  K" k' E% ~1 o

) O8 x9 d0 E5 p( s7 B' b5 ~For months, the governments in both Pakistan and the US were looking for a formula to reopen Nato supply routes without either side looking like a loser. Pakistan had been under considerable pressure from Washington since it decided to shut the routes after the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a Nato raid. It has now got an apology for that incident, but opponents here will still talk of their government caving in, particularly after all the talk of how much Pakistan will charge for each Nato truck ultimately came to nothing. It's been announced there will be no transit fees.
/ g* {; T# D* m7 F& j* k3 t& b( c: I4 ^- O! y" A3 e; C, F
Politicians in Britain have welcomed the resignation of Bob Diamond as chief executive of Barclays, one of the country's biggest banks. Mr Diamond's resignation comes as Barclays faces fierce criticism for manipulating interest rates, an offense for which it has been heavily fined. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, said Mr Diamond's resignation was the first step towards a new age of responsibility. The chief finance spokesman for the opposition Labor Party, Ed Balls, called for a full judicial inquiry.
$ U+ b0 b: `* E2 ~; Q6 S2 F$ D& J- s! n) h  K
"I'll be asked questions, all past chancellors and ministers and shadow ministers will be asked questions. They will be tough, but we've got to do this for the public. Politicians have got responsibility and to sort this out, but I think a judicial inquiry is the only way." 5 o. s# ^( o4 k! N' F" v% b
# P$ x& c- u; a( i. o
French police have been searching the premises of the former President Nicolas Sarkozy two months after he was voted out of office. The investigation relates to claims of illegal financing of his 2007 presidential campaign. Christian Fraser reports.
5 [# O( r; R, j, }% S' o& I& b$ ~" T0 s' Q2 L
Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential immunity ended on June 16. Today, officers from the financial crimes unit raided his home and the premises of the law firm to which he now belongs. An investigating magistrate is looking into claims that staff acting for the L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, gave 150,000 euros in cash to Mr Sarkozy's aides during his bid to become president in 2007. Individual campaign contributions in France are limited to just 4,600 euros. He has denied the allegations as lies and calumny.
1 \# H4 }8 m3 Q2 r6 s% j  ^4 i5 g' ~* s5 h% D
The second place candidate in Mexico's presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has asked for a recount of the votes cast in Sunday's election. Mr Lopez Obrador of the left-wing PRD party said there had been what he called 'inconsistencies' of more than three quarters of the polling booths, results for Mr Lopez Obrador six percentage points behind of the PRI party.
. g0 i  E6 f4 ?3 W4 }/ c' y
1 x& `, {) z0 I/ V* V( M7 sMore than 40 people have been killed by a series of bomb attacks in Iraq targeting Shia Muslims before a religious festival. Most of the victims were killed in the southern city of Diwaniya. ! X9 L, b1 u& S# b
- }# S- {3 e0 }4 q. T
World News from the BBC   L0 ^# ]0 F( L8 C1 z

9 d# D$ B: C( q! X1 O1 \' bHundreds of Palestinians have attended a rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah to protest against the policies of the Palestinian authority. It was a third such rally in less than a week. Security forces were accused of beating protesters as our West Bank correspondent Jon Donnison reports.
& m4 |. ?2 {0 r
9 [+ q/ P" F* P9 a: kHundreds of people marched towards President Abbas's compound; some were calling for the Palestinian authority to be disbanded altogether. Separately, the authority announced it will be unable to pay salaries for public sector workers this month due to what it called the worst funding crisis in years. So far, Palestinians have been relatively untouched by the so-called Arab Spring, but some believe that economic hardship, coupled with frustration of the Palestinian leadership inability to end or ease Israel's ongoing occupation, could create an atmosphere where that might change. 9 U. c1 J) Q. o4 S% X2 p
/ |8 W4 i+ T; U
France says it's determined to stop establishment of what it calls 'international terrorist bases' in Mali. The French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said he wanted to prevent groups such as al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb threatening the peace and security of the whole region, as well as France.
  O  H- L; O9 e" F! P1 t5 Z% r5 ?$ [: m# Z
Researchers in Germany have discovered a rare world map by the 16th century cartographer Martin Waldseemueller, the man credited with naming the Americas. The 500-year-old document was found inside an unrelated book in a university library in Munich. Beth McLeod reports. . p, A6 C: [2 `9 \

6 o' W7 L9 J0 j4 g: {, \  P" xThe small map, printed in clear black ink on yellowing paper shows the world divided into 12 segments. The three segments to the right-hand side show a boomerang-shaped landmass called America – very different to the familiar outlands of northern South America that we know today. It's likely that Waldseemueller used information from accounts of early trans-Atlantic voyages. But intriguingly, he decided to name the new land after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci rather than Christopher Columbus. 9 j7 @* J, ~( t" P4 {3 Z
& f' U0 Q$ U6 _8 r/ Q% b  H
BBC News
# l9 ^5 G, ]) c5 s) G
- `0 D9 k% W" U4 J' s7 d“听力音频材料”
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回复 50# 紫梦于 ( v0 c4 v# a0 ~4 Q6 T
' o9 |8 w! w+ U( I+ E

- @; r+ n) z5 |. L1 F9 ?2 q4 `    ::83
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BBC 警方追回圣地亚哥教堂被盗中世纪手稿4 q3 p) U* k' _0 g& i
* r" f' N* d' F; j% P1 P
9 n8 I' H, z/ y  T' @1 g) W* H- J# C* v
BBC News with Zoe Diamond
+ u5 T4 C5 X" h& c9 b* l1 Z: E' ]2 s  E1 T: F
The electoral authorities in Mexico have announced they will recount the votes in more than half the ballot boxes in Sunday's presidential poll after finding inconsistencies in the vote tallies. The leader of the left-wing PDR party, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has demanded a total recount after preliminary results put him in second place. The leading candidate, Enrique Pena Nieto, has denied allegations that his party bought votes. From Mexico City, here's Will Grant.
2 W, h8 M: [- C; F% Q/ F7 n
' `. k2 s& q* HSince the election, numerous videos have emerged on YouTube of people claiming they received credit with a major supermarket chain in exchange for their votes. Mr Pena Nieto dismissed such accusations against him as politically motivated and suggested the videos had been faked by his opponents. 'These things happen in all elections, it's nothing new.' He said of the videos, pointing a finger of blame at his closest challenger, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Mr Lopez Obrador has called for a complete recount of the votes, saying the elections were 'unequal and dirty'.
3 i! j) t, a) Y) C* x2 q% C
! B2 Z4 `( R: X: N& YScientists around the world have hailed the discovery of a particle which could illuminate our understanding of the universe. The team from the Cern Laboratory in Switzerland say their find is consistent with the Higgs boson, which is thought to give atoms their mass and bind the universe together. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist Stephen Hawking, who speaks with the aid of a computer, said the discovery was one of the most important of the 21st century.
9 h+ u$ y; W0 n3 v
! l. |# r) B/ \. x, B"The results strongly suggest that we have found the next particle, the particle that gives mass to other particles. That will be strong evidence for the so-called standard model of particle physics. In the theory, that explains all our experiments so far. This is an important result, and should earn Peter Higgs a Nobel Prize." 6 s8 G5 d# r# I( r# H+ T" r3 f

7 k9 w9 \* L! h6 d& sThe former chief executive of the British bank, Barclays, has appeared before members of parliament in London. Bob Diamond appeared a day after resigning because of revelations the bank rigged a key interest rate. Robin Brant reports.
* |0 E. \* p0 c1 O* R: E" d* _$ g7 W/ r& @
Bob Diamond went to parliament to defend himself and the bank, he repeatedly told MPs that he'd loved. The Barclays traders who fixed the lending rate were reprehensible, he said, but there were a small number – he said he didn't know what was going on – senior management at the very top weren't aware. When they did find out, he said it made him feel physically sick. There was an apology, but he also told MPs that Barclays was being vilified for being the first bank to cooperate and admit wrongdoing. ' T* h! M  W! T: b- Q2 y+ x) m/ W
4 C: n0 M: a& e
Islamist fighters who've smashed ancient tombs in Timbuktu in northern Mali have told the BBC they will destroy all monuments they consider in breach of sharia law. The fighters from the militant group, Ansar Dine, have smashed at least half the shrines in Timbuktu.
  \* w% o4 X& q" Q2 x4 d. s* t( Y) q
This is the World News from the BBC.
: [, Z; Z( h. U+ D) Z6 s9 D) Q
# C% p, D$ t+ A' ?% {( ySouth Korea has said that it wants to begin hunting whales under rules permitting whaling for scientific research following the example of its close neighbor, Japan. South Korean delegates told a meeting of International Whaling Commission they would submit their whaling plans to an international panel of scientists for scrutiny. The proposal was strongly condemned by anti-whaling governments at the meeting in Panama City, from where Richard Black reports.
4 u$ |" |+ c% |( n
/ d: q& E4 \$ o% x( [$ g9 ~Korea has a longer documented history of whale meat eating than anywhere else in the world, dating back possibly 8,000 years. But recently, catchers have been limited to minke whales snared in fishing nets, officially by accident. The South Korean government would like to let its fishermen hunt whales openly around the coast. But that's prohibited under IWC rules, hence the proposal to follow the Japanese example – a new scientific whaling regulations. How many whales will be targeted isn't clear. The South Korean delegation here said the proposals would first have to be scrutinized by an international panel of scientists.
& W# L$ w: z9 G9 D1 ~
6 c8 h, O! D4 {The authorities in France have placed the former boss of one of Europe's largest telecommunications companies under formal investigation over the suicides of more than 50 employees. Didier Lombard of France Telecom is accused by French unions of presiding over management that caused staff intolerable levels of stress. Some left suicide notes blaming the company for their deaths.
( f! q( l/ g) R; [- s+ R2 k& v* g5 n! W4 |, A) y9 L0 U2 Q5 f
Police in Spain have recovered a precious medieval religious manuscript that was stolen from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela last year. The treasured artifact of Spain's cultural heritage was found in a garage in Santiago. A handyman who used to work at the cathedral and three members of his family have been arrested. The 12th century codex is considered the first guide for Christians following the ancient pilgrim route to Santiago. 8 o& j- H3 _$ V  P3 Z' P8 a. V9 Q
! K' Z( g! S3 u  U) ^8 A( `
BBC World News
. [* d5 S" y& C1 M0 v3 b$ v, m$ o/ K6 A2 T: }
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BBC 意大利专家发现了文艺复兴大师年轻时作品
# N5 o, k" z, w( z
, z2 E. L6 E1 j& a* _: B“听力文本材料”4 v' d# t1 v2 h' n5 V$ k

, e0 _! v6 e3 p3 S2 l+ lBBC News with Neil Nunes
- ?+ ~+ T$ S2 u& \, V1 @/ m& p; N' E- e5 J% Z- d3 v
The body that sets the rules for international football has approved the use of goal-line technology. The International Football Association Board gave the goal ahead for two systems – one involving cameras and one that uses a sensor in the ball. The head of the world football Sepp Blatter said he came round to the idea after England had an important goal disallowed during the 2010 World Cup. Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke says the technology could be introduced for the next World Cup in Brazil. 2 V, W/ z  i) P- B( |$ _+ P% q0 v

" ~5 G2 ?3 S6 Z  {3 O; x"We Fifa have decided to use the system at the Club World Cup next December in Tokyo, and that, if it is working, at the Confederations Cup 2013 and the World Cup 2014." 5 E: L9 y6 r' J9 r# U
% j" W: v$ P6 @
The British government has scrapping 17 major army units to save money. The army will be cut by 20% to just over 8,000 personnel – its lowest level for 200 years. Here's Jonathan Beale.
* C! x( I; j1 x) V9 X  U6 z
  o, c1 t8 C; `8 F. nOver the past decade, the British army has been at war, fighting on two fronts: in Iraq and Afghanistan for long stretches. The smaller army of 2020 won't be big enough to do that. It will be split in two: a reaction force made up of regular troops, highly trained and ready to deploy at short notice, and an adaptable force that will carry out ceremonial roles, as well as meeting long-term commitments like defending the Falklands. The army of 2020 will be more reliant on reservists, no longer an add-on but an integral part of the army. # O6 B8 p  g9 s, i
+ V% k& Q4 p6 r( v/ p: `# i( N
Police in Northern Ireland are to conduct a murder investigation into the death of 13 people shot dead by British soldiers 40 years ago in what became known as 'bloody Sunday'. The decision comes after a public inquiry found that none of those killed was armed. It's not yet clear that when the investigation will start. 4 Y. G0 K3 R* O/ g
7 \8 }- k8 j' [3 p
French air crash investigators have concluded that a combination of human error and technical failures caused the lost of an Air France flight that plunged into the Atlantic in 2009. All 228 people on board of flight from Rio de Janerio to Paris were killed. The investigators support highlights faults with the plane's altimeter and air speed sensors. Relatives of the victims say they view the report as more impartial than earlier conclusions that blamed the pilots alone. Martin Vince Louis of the Brazilian victims' families association lost his sister in the crash. 8 {- g+ i3 G5 q7 }$ I& `0 ?) y. Y

% l  k0 Q. x6 P" _9 `"They don't want to die. They are professions, and they are, they've got not enough good training from Air France company. Airbus did not mention that the stall could happen in this situation. The auto-pilot went off by him(it)self, and this was completely unknown for the pilots." 1 B! V% `7 x" j& [, i6 R% S9 n3 e2 z
- l& p( R8 \7 w. b" u& q& \
Airbus has said it will take all measures to optimize air safety.
$ ?" a3 N, P9 |0 F6 _2 e; a: L# V7 x2 K) e1 l: `$ [
World News from the BBC
" G1 V- L4 P9 H0 V, @! D. u
1 U/ A- v. f/ ~A court in Argentina is due to deliver the verdict in the case of two former military leaders accused of overseeing the systematic theft of babies from political prisoners during military rule. If found guilty, Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone could face long prison sentences. At least 400 babies are thought to have been taken from their parents while they were being held in detention centers during the military rule from 1976 to 1983.
0 a# y( R3 W2 _! R; O6 V2 x
; ]; U/ d4 Z" `# M4 XThe UN Security Council has passed a resolution calling for sanctions against Islamist fighters in northern Mali. They have destroyed several ancient tombs in the world heritage site of Timbuktu. From UN headquarters in New York, Barbara Plett. 0 |3 ~% h/ \" f7 j% R2 C

  u9 {) f; _2 j0 fThe resolution expresses deep concern at the increased terrorist threat in the north of Mali and the region due to the presence of al-Qaeda fighters. It calls on member states to submit names of those linked to the group to be added to a UN list of al-Qaeda militants targeted by sanctions. It strongly condemns the destruction of Muslim shrines by the Islamists and says such act of desecration could fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. But it stops short of authorizing a request by the regional group Ecowas for a mandate to deploy a stabilization force. 3 t7 R3 z& f7 y, h. N6 F" [& {% L

! v8 A+ Y, F" E0 _/ k: _% V# T# mThe UN human rights council has voted to appoint a special investigator to look into accusations of rights violations in Belarus. The move follows a report by the UN human rights office which said there had been curbs on freedom of speech and rights of assembly since the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, was re-elected in 2010. ! F3 m  F9 y( q
" a. W7 g$ e7 D# C# o. u* }
Art experts in Italy say they believe they have discovered dozens of drawings produced by the Renaissance master Caravaggio when he was a young student in Milan. The pictures were in a collection of works previously ascribed to the painter, with whom Caravaggio studied as a boy, Simone Peterzano.
5 f5 n; X9 a7 w3 @- e' }" w9 B4 G1 U% P8 n
And that's the latest from BBC World News.
$ S; e- S% w7 E
5 T( J4 J! H, r5 M“听力音频材料”
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BBC 西班牙国足到马德里旅行庆祝胜利
0 e0 R, s& _- L, V* k  _+ N) g& C* t1 f
" Z5 S6 ~2 P' B4 b3 {0 s! [3 P& R" \
' K: E/ _5 h" N& N; fBBC News with Sue Montgomery
' r' M" `9 \) K* r8 i4 a3 |7 k
* x* u0 b& b( E/ w0 l4 z) \The British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay $3bn to settle what US officials are calling the biggest healthcare fraud in American history. The authorities say Glaxo has broken US laws in the marketing of several of its products as Paul Adams reports from Washington.
& s* a" f4 T2 S# {  C6 t9 z% A4 s& O# v% Z1 z; h
Among the allegations are the GSK tried to get patients under the age of 18 to use an antidepressants Paxil that had only been approved for adults, and that it promoted another drug Wellbutrin for uses that had not yet been approved. Prosecutors also alleged that the company distributed misleading information and influenced doctors with meals and spa treatments, which amounted to kickbacks. In a statement, GlaxoSmithKline expressed regret and said the company had learnt from its mistakes.
% ?1 u2 e/ P. u9 R% b! F9 h- j6 p7 Y1 y& z, |$ ?
The UN human rights chief has warned for nature escalation of the crisis in Syria. Navi Pillay said the violence was being fueled by increasing flow of arms to both the government and the opposition. She didn't specify where the weapons were coming from, but correspondents say the government has been armed by Iran and Russia while the opposition is receiving weapons from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Ms Pillay asked that Syria be referred to the International Criminal Court. 0 a, V1 @8 V- S" T4 a# K1 j4 m* |

- p7 ^* z1 E5 m9 B; J% }3 B0 {"In my view, both government forces and armed opponents have been involved in actions harming civilians. Those responsible for attacks against civilians must be held accountable, and so I reiterated my call on the Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court as I believe that the evidence points to the commission of crimes against humanity."
4 |$ _4 Y: X/ X9 |6 n; X
# {% l& c3 O0 K+ ^9 r: }Four officials from the International Criminal Court who were detained almost a month ago in Libya have left the country after being released. The local authorities in the town of Zintan accused the four of jeopardizing national security after they visited Saif al-Islam, the son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in prison. & N8 I. b5 R( |% k

4 ?: E1 I9 S# h1 [/ eThe British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a new inquiry into the banking sector following the revelations about interest rate manipulation by Barclays Bank. The inquiry will be carried out by a parliamentary committee and will hold most of its meetings in public. Here's our business reporter Phil Liggett. 5 T' h8 W- r! J, o2 u$ t6 r

; d5 }* i; j6 i- B4 kThe announcement of the inquiry comes in response to a barrage of criticism aimed at the banking industry in recent days. It follows the revelation that employees of Barclays Bank attempted to manipulate Libor, a key benchmark of interest rates widely used in the financial sector. Other global banks are suspected of similar offenses. The review will be carried out by members of both houses of the British parliament, and it will have the power to question witnesses under oath, including sitting MPs. , w4 W' a; E+ j/ U' d1 S

6 m* x6 w% g$ \  U9 m' K9 }5 w1 K% TYou're listening to the World News from the BBC.
6 |# l5 e* h: u# ?$ [5 Z& F2 s8 H4 A) R% P0 c1 M4 e1 _
President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania has denied any government involvement in the alleged kidnap and torture of the leader of the country's medical association, who was organizing a nation-wide strike. Dr Steven Ulimboka says he was abducted by gunmen last Tuesday, taken to the outskirts of the capital Dar es Salaam and beaten.
7 L9 F/ G" }" Y) u$ ~) G
' C+ v8 U/ ^9 n5 t, ?: S% }The man who looks almost certain to lead Mexico for the next five years says he's going to prioritize energy, labor and tax reforms if he's confirmed as president. Enrique Pena Nieto is about six points ahead of his nearest rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with almost all votes in Sunday's presidential election counted. Will Grant reports from Mexico City.
5 I, l* o9 j7 y  v& B1 b2 b; B
1 a- ~' A' N  BSix years ago, there was no clear-cut winner in the presidential race, and the runner-up, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was refusing to recognize the result until every last vote had been counted. This time around, however, the difference between Mr Lopez Obrador and the leading candidate Enrique Pena Nieto is much bigger – a full 7% on the initial results. The trend has been described as irreversible by the country's electoral body, and the incumbent President Felipe Calderon called Mr Pena Nieto the president-elect. 5 S6 M: H. a* K6 {

* v$ _' Y& I$ S3 B; T: C5 u" vA proposal to declare the South Atlantic sanctuary for whales has been defeated at the International Whaling Commission despite backing from most countries of the meeting, the Latin American plan failed to get the 2/3 majority required. Environmental groups expressed disappointment at the outcome, but a BBC correspondent says some suggested in private the idea had been merely symbolic as there's no whaling taking place in the region.
6 H$ t' h+ I: Z9 E/ K& |+ w$ i* w- H! M
The Spanish national football team is touring the capital Madrid in an open-top bus to celebrate its victory in the Euro 2012 Championship. Spain beat Italy 4-0 in the final in Kiev on Sunday. Earlier on Monday, the team met the Spanish royal family. 7 F9 S' a. M8 @2 T! z

- D' j  Q5 I* m) MBBC News
, \7 d9 \5 d, h) \3 c; u* ~) S' p
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回复 34# ML820508
8 I" _, U1 v% O: G1 U% O3 d9 [/ e2 f- n; j, P* a/ t
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回复 55# 菲力牛排
. C5 t9 N* s# u. a. q
! }3 v$ P" f. b0 W
/ V0 b' Q! P; J, u) d   
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BBC 利比亚运载选举材料直升机遭枪击
6 P+ F% [4 p- U7 p3 Y
' E2 s- E  y/ W( G7 n# s5 ^- x“听力文本材料”  l1 F4 s; E4 I# \

7 K, m& [  J+ l( YBBC News with Nick Kelly
: P# k' b$ o: E. ~
' d0 j, A3 K3 z/ J$ g0 m- P+ B1 i& VThe American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has intensified pressure on Russia and China to drop their support for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. At the end of the conference on Syrian in Paris, bringing together more than 100 countries, Mrs Cliton said the entire world is now watching the few nations that still have influence to Mr Assad to step upon showing in the right of the war. The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has recommended that the number of the UN military observers in Syria be reduced. In a report of the Security Council Mr Ban suggests the observers should be base primarily in the capital Damascus and uses contacts with both government and the opposition groups to foster a dialogue. With more here is our UN correspondent Barbara Plett.
$ m* D3 M* a# a6 L) g
  i2 T: m% l7 IThe mandate of the UN mission in Syria expired in two weeks’ time. So the Security Council has to decide what it to extend even though the violence has made impossible for the unarmed observers to monitor the ceasefire and they were mandated to do. Now the Secretary General has recommended that the council shift the focus of the mission form monitoring to political mediation trying to foster a dialogue in promote ceasefire, the number of military of observers would be reduced, but not completely withdrawn,sending the message that the international community is not abandoning Syria.
' t$ \4 I$ c8 V+ I: }6 k4 h* a) [
On the eve of Libya's first parliamentary election since the fall of Colonel Gaddafi, gunmen had fired on a helicopter carrying voting materials nearly eastern city of Benghazi. Local officials said one personal on board was killed. From Tripoli here's Rana Jawad. 3 n5 F1 S8 \3 U9 }9 n) ]6 f
0 L* K6 C% s/ H6 j, G
The helicopter was carrying election material when it was fired out. A Libyan army spokesman in Benghazi says it was flying over Hawari which is near the airport in Benghazi. The latest incident killed an election commission worker but the helicopter managed to land safely. A member of the national election commission in Tripoli told the BBC that they are investigating and they don't who did it and cannot accuse anyone up this time. He also says that has not disrupted the elections which were due to take place on Saturday. 5 K- e9 ]- {. {* K: P" J8 p3 `; C/ u

% g5 v& a( m5 cThe attack comes amid growing unrest in eastern Libya, former rebels fighters there have shot down at least three of all elect voting terminals and waged a boycott of the vote.
6 v3 f: x  E' s  |6 y, f8 n
+ J! r( E0 {% q; r" o4 `* g9 [Police in Sudan have fired tear gas at protesters in the capital Kahrtoum, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside of a mosque calling for the overthrow of president Omar al-Bashir. From Kahrtoum, here is James Copnall.
2 j2 y) c- T$ o- b3 y: p; l. B4 q: ^. ?$ c$ K, q$ x( [
Riot police fired the successional tear gas rounds and chased protesters back inside the mosque in Omdurman. This was the biggest demonstration in recent days though there have been smaller ones in the capital and elsewhere in the country. The initial trigger for the protests was the worsening economic situation and the government austerity measures including removing fuel subsidies. The prices of petroleum and many basic foods are considered to be higher than they were a few months ago.
; a( F7 U9 K1 O% P+ W7 ~  f; f$ [: N3 R, K3 d8 ]
You are listening to the world news from the BBC.
8 u! D  U  r: q9 W& u) t0 g8 r9 s: }! S( s1 I* }
Parliament in Romania has voted to suspend the president Traian Basescu for 30 days. The measure paves of the way for a national referendum on whether or not impeaching him. The vote is the latest stage in the power struggle between the president and Prime Minister Victor Ponta.
" R4 `9 P( d  ?1 O( S8 c4 c
5 e# Q" [: Z& zEmployment figures from the United States show that the growth in job in June was weak the third month running. And 80,000 jobs were created but it ’sure needed just to keep pace with the growth of the American labor force. Unemployment in the US remains above 8% for more than three years, however, president Obama reacted positively to the latest figures.
' d+ W# `$ g/ K* y% c+ U3 a, i6 p$ t/ v* b1 |1 i: E0 I9 i
We learnt that is more in our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month and that overall means that businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. That is a step in the right direction. But we cannot be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. I want to get back that time when middle class families and those working to gain the middle class have some basic security. 0 N: z9 C1 s" i! ~

+ Q& v6 Q, v0 H" M! K' {/ F5 _A Bolivian farmer has died during protest against the silver-mining project owning by a Canadian company near the city of Potosi. Reports say the man dying in clashes with police who soon was sent to the Malku Khota project after protests turned violent with five empolyees taken in hostage in the last week. The local indigenous groups are demanding that president Evo Morales cancel the mining concessions due to environmental concerns.
' x" J. }' |4 P# G3 h1 S8 ^: V3 I6 n
And Andy Murray has become the first British man to reach the Wimbledon signal's final since 1938. He overcame the French player Jo-wilfried Tsonga in four sets. Murray will now face Roger Federer, the six-time champion, who beat Novak Djokovic of Serbia in the day's other semifinal.
* B8 i$ F9 |, c- Z
+ G2 h# x2 S- A+ i“听力音频材料”
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回复 56# ML820508 * Q% X% r6 [- }) i

( Q  U" V4 r6 G- p( g1 Y% D
9 K2 r9 w+ }, j, E/ H* C    不客气~
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BBC 安迪·穆雷成为70年来首位赢得温网冠军的英国人
- e+ a  W& |5 t& S
% t, Y" z5 Q: l% I! {6 Y/ I“听力文本材料”
7 k1 F! m" |2 l- {2 w1 u
7 ^# }0 L; y! \2 e2 jBBC News with Funa Macdonald 8 p( Z7 L2 h2 c
& i" H" ~" {( _# a1 x. c2 ]9 S" Q9 I/ P
In an apparent challenge to the powerful military in Egypt, the country's newly-elected Islamist president Mohammed Mursi is ordering the parliament to reconvene. This order goes against the ruling last month. But the constitutional court says that the parliament is illegitimate. John Lien reports from Cairo.
) Z! j2 J& J8 l. [, ^4 O3 z9 K% \" G# P$ Y) a( G) e' N: n2 N. K' \
This noon vice president Mursi suggests he is on course with a new confrontation with military council, barely a week after he was swearing into office. Just before he was elected, military dissolve parliament by the constitutional court. Mahammad Mursie in the Muslim brotherhood who dominated parliament has never accepted the decision. Now it appears that the new president wants to assert his power. According to the military party the Muslim brotherhood, parliament could be reconvened as early as tomorrow.   l  h1 Q* _2 B% t& y: X+ y& ]; x
7 L; a1 l: D7 s8 J) x
The authorities in Nigeria had posed an overnight curfew in Plato state after two Nigerian politicians died during an attack by gun men on a funeral for dozens of people killed near the city of Jobs. The officials said the attack was carried out by herdsmen from Volnanie ethnic group. Will Ross reports from Lagos.
4 U9 L% Z) ]# k' a1 L
  F$ T/ m7 g" A# ?/ d9 BA military spokesman confirmed the deaths of the senator from governing party Gyang Dantong and another politician from the regional government. The two men had just attended the funeral for 37 people from Boro ethnic group. They were killed by gunmen on Saturday. The spokesmen said after the burial, shooting broke out. The two politicians died not for bullets but from shock. The Christian Boron people have been in a psycho of violence with Muslim Volnanie herdsmen. They were in dispute over ownership of the land of Plato State and over the access to resources.
" {0 z$ v# T4 n
# s: C7 h3 F% V0 ^' fThe Likud Party of the Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unanimously approved the plan would end exemption from conscription from ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arab Israelis. This issue is becoming increasingly controversial in Israel with demonstrations by thousands who serve in the army demanding all Israelis should burden off military service. % K: N; p" p% z; C; j

8 ?/ B9 J& f8 y" sThe international envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has arrived in Damascus for the third visit aim to try to resolve the crisis in Syria. On Saturday Mr. Annan acknowledged his peace plan as so far failed to stop the violence. Here’s Jim Muir. 1 A" A% u3 v$ `0 M. S7 \- W* b+ t
) J: L6 Q3 b* Q/ }& s. G8 q, _# \
The cease fire which is the center of Mr. Annan’s six-point plan has collapsed completely.In recognition of that, UN observer mission which was supposed to be monitoring compliance with it has been grounded. Having failed to pave a way for a political dialogue by ending the violence, the emphasis is now the other way around on trying to get the political right in hope of that will pacify the situation on the ground. So Mr.Anna is focusing on the arrangement for a political transition through creation of some kind unity government that will bring together loyalists and opposition elements.
2 @1 @/ ]4 X9 T2 N" c& L, R. S. \/ t6 z9 ?+ Q: o
World news from the BBC
6 J2 K( }1 x# O$ {# N
3 ?" z/ u1 n. d4 \7 O9 s+ xSix American soldiers have killed by roadside bomb in the east Afghanistan according to US officials. One NATO soldier died in another attack earlier on Sunday, and 18 Afghanistan civilians were killed by three roadside bombs in the province of Kandahar. ( ?8 H% _* P; |
% y8 o2 V$ V: l8 p0 D" u( b) C
Several thousand of survivals of the Srebrenica massacre have marked its 17th anniversary by march through the hill of eastern Bosnia,re-enacting the grueling scheme of Bosnia Serb forces led by General Ratko Mlalic. Around 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Serb troops after they overran the United Nations enclave of Serebrenica. Local Serbs have their own rival events today commemorating more than three thousands of soldiers and civilians who died in three-year war.
4 s+ s: O, v  e' q# U! D
9 }, _! ?/ {3 w* }It is now over 170 people were killed by the recent flooding in Russian Krasnodar region. A BBC correspondent to reach worst affective town of Krymsk, said it looks as though a tsunami had struck.
$ y2 Z% n$ b+ R5 n* N/ t( g2 v, Q
The Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has won his seventh Wimbledon singles title, dashing British hope. And his Scottish player, Andy Murray, might become the first Britain to win the championship in over 70 years. The Swiss won three consecutive sets after Murray claimed the first. He’s now equal Peter Sampras’s record of seven wins at Wimbledon. In an emotional speech on the Centre Court, Murray thanked the British public for their support and jokingly told the crowd he was getting closer to a Grand Slam win before giving this emotional message. & ~  y# w) Y' q+ I# G2 b
: a  |3 c7 F: A6 V: s
Every body always talks about the pressure playing at Wimbledon, how tough is. But I’m … But it’s not the people watching. They make it so much easier to play. The support is being incredible, so, thank you. : q, T* F5 A$ w9 [- ]; A

# G0 g2 t" h- \/ o; k$ C$ eBBC News
6 u( B: \9 _! v2 T6 B1 q& t  N7 C4 J; l7 Y% R! L
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BBC 奥巴马呼吁继续给中产阶级减税9 L6 Z( j/ q/ \6 Q" H

! ^" M: n9 M/ s( T0 [: C/ N“听力文本材料”2 D$ ?+ Q# B# p3 k: }& B- `5 Y

$ U$ i) a& f+ [- F  `9 e% TBBC news with Mike Cooper. 2 X! E7 Y& j: }- W! r, P& L

3 g6 Y' n. F, Q5 C/ a% @! F* DEgypt's Military Council has said the country's constitution must be upheld after the new president Mohammed Mursi defied the decision by the council to dissolve parliament. On president Mursi's orders, the speaker convened the meeting at the parliament on Tuesday. Jon Leyne reports from Cairo. - M5 g& C: Q! j' }$ V0 u" M( j/ B

) t2 D/ b' e% y4 [* c# _& a, `; Q) `% JThe statement by the Military Council is being seen by some as a warning to president Mursi. There for the most part, the military are just defending their own decision to dissolve parliament and take most its powers to themselves. The military said they expected all parts of the government to respect the constitution. Those words will infuriate their critics who say that is exactly what the military themselves have failed to do. It follows the decision by the president to recall parliament in direct defiance of the Military Council. Earlier, some MPs were allowed back into the parliament building for the first time since the assembly was dissolved and the military guard placed outside.
7 [: i+ \0 t+ V, [- U5 R# G0 ]* Z' d
A survivor of a massacre in Bosnia has become the first prosecution witness in the genocide trial of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic. The witness, Elvedin Pasic, gave a dramatic account over an attack by Serb forces on his home village in northern Bosnia in 1992. He told the court in The Hague that he and his family fled through a small window while bullets flew outside their house. He later returned to find homes burn down and the child bodies of old people who wouldn't be able to escape. 3 `4 Y+ @$ }5 y7 s/ `

/ c  d: E  N) m+ ]' L; V  uProsecutors in Jordan have begun an investigation into a member of parliament who pulled a gun on a rival in a live television talk show. Mansour Murad a former Palestinian guerrilla fighter has filed a lawsuit accusing Mohammed Shawabka of attempted murder. Dale Gavlak reports. + u, @, @# Y2 U0 ^' t' v5 ~
8 e( p4 x4 n* H9 N7 B
MP Mohammed Shawabka and former lawmaker Mansour Murad were discussing the crisis in neighboring Syria on a private satellite TV channel. When they began trading insults, Mr. Shawabka accused his opponent of working as a spy for the Assad regime. Mr. Murad in turn accused Mr. Shawabka of being an Israeli spy. The heated argument quickly turned into a physical confrontation. Mr. Shawabka threw his shoe at the former deputy and threatened him with a revolver. They continue to shabby each other until the show are probably ended. 5 E. g, P) a+ X6 G
3 t" a: \7 s% j
Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss the rescue package for Spanish banks what's up to 124 billion dollars. A single institution might also be created to consolidate in one place all the toxic assets for the country's banking sector. " Z* h$ `& s) K1 f

/ P3 J: K8 \* g. F$ r% d3 ]4 u( FPresident Obama has urged Congress to approve the extension of tax cut for the middle class without getting in broad in the debate about the merits of extending them for the wealth too. He said Congress should not hold the vast majority of the Americans and the entire economy hostage to a debate about tax cut for the wealthy adding: let us agree to do what we agree on. : b2 q. J: @6 ?9 b" D
% `; J3 r$ w$ x
World news from the BBC. . [" r% M( R- O# ^: ~0 Q
5 `9 z! Q: W9 q, I. n, b
South Sudan has marked its first anniversary as an independent state with parade and festivities. But president Sallva Kiir has warned his people that they have tough challenges ahead. The president said the biggest threat to a peaceful existence came from Sudan. The two countries have been in loggerheads since the South won the independence with clashes along their borders in the fears dispute over the division of oil revenues.
# n( C) ~2 c6 R( J9 g! I( f
0 ], H3 {, W  u# b' \& [0 v. PReports in the Czech Republic say a judge who sent a group of far right extremists to prison has been found dead. The reports said he had been at his country cottage. Rob Cameron reports from Prague.
% W' }% P9 _1 h
) N7 y# S' s  nJudge Miloslav Studnicka made Czech legal history two years ago when he handed down exemplary sentences to four Neo Nazi # who admitted fire bombing a Romani household. Now according to reports in the Czech media he has died found at his country cottage with his throat cut. A police spokeswoman refused to confirm any details in the case. The head of the Czech police said it was too early to say whether he had been murdered.
* z( R: ~% v) u2 S: N, W) a# ^9 c0 A# X+ _* c5 n% d
Rescue workers in Columbia have freed 20 miners who have been trapped in a coal mine after a tunnel collapsed. The men had been cut off when a wagon carrying coal derailed and hit one of the beams supporting the tunnel marking it down. Officials had thought only 15 man were trapped.
8 A5 p4 e' x: q5 b
, X1 U' C2 t8 {Reports from India say the government has bought thousands of documents relating to Mahatma Gandhi, days before they will due to put up for auction in London. The documents which include letters, papers and photos have been expected to fetch up to one million dollars. The material belonged to relatives of a Jewish architect Hermann Kallenbach who became a close friend during his time in South Africa. Researchers say the material as expected to throw a new light on Gandhi's personal life and his political struggle for Indian independence from British rule.
/ t, D* v. B  z; Z8 r* V- m7 U% D7 i( E7 K. D9 W; x
BBC news.
1 v0 `* ]& t' L8 d  Y
5 h. Y1 m# e+ ^. G# ]+ g! {, K“听力音频材料”
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