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[写作] 四六级考试写作范文干货分享

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, P) z) `: [. ]% I) l  CET-4写作范文
$ ~4 E8 |% m! k4 T2 p$ e; _& V  范文1:勤俭节约
# h" t& R! S* k5 }  L0 w  话题:
2 x1 y! _- g7 G6 M  勤俭节约是中华民族的传统美德,作为新时代的我们该如何养成节约好习惯呢?如何唤起他人的节约意识呢?3 H/ H  B& W: k/ V5 {7 v% S+ e
  范文:2 b" O' `5 A& \* s5 o, v, a
  As we all know,thrift is a great tradition of the Chinese nation,but also a concrete expression of high moral standing.Along with the more and more higher of living standards,many people are no longer interested in the life of thrift.They felt that thrift is becoming a thing of the past.Just as the saying goes,"Waste not,want not".In fact,the thrift is not a matter of how difficult it does not need you too much to deliberate what to do.0 m# f0 B# u) O% W5 |4 o
  For one thing,in a personal way,there are many things worth saving,such as water,food,power,etc.What you waste is what others need,we will not only think what we like and what we want,but also consider about the necessary to someone.For another,as a country,it is essential that advocate the good tradition of hardworking and being frugal and consciously resist waste and extravagance.Our government is aiming to build an economical society.6 `9 ~4 E( b1 o
  At last,we need to work hard,be thrifty,and oppose waste and extravagance.Not only is it our traditional virtue,but also it can help us save resources.
4 Q, O$ m$ E8 t- Z  词汇:( _4 ^& F" e! ~/ l' }
  great tradition大传统
5 m3 W( k. ]: j2 j% V% \  p  Chinese nation中华民族# d! w2 y5 N0 e9 t4 Z) }5 ~+ |9 Z
  more and more越来越,日益,越来越
. x. e; g6 {4 C1 B1 a! l  living standards生活标准(living standard的名词复数)( z" `7 U5 z3 `
  many people众人8 c1 B3 u7 r; Q2 o# l' o
  interested in对…感兴趣8 B2 h, u; g& B7 I: C
  as the saying goes常言道;语云
- D7 U/ L  [% ^$ P$ q  a matter of大约,左右
% I' ^. x% k$ ~/ I$ }  For one thing首先,一则
" @# n  ^8 v) p8 Y* z+ E; `  hardworking用功;刻苦;苦干的
! P2 s8 e+ N! \, A  frugal朴素的,节省的& v/ _: K- `! I: q/ j$ K; n
* }4 l! W4 o7 o& n( R/ @. h$ V  四六级考试写作范文干货分享0 a) D! i5 j5 e* i8 W2 k
: m9 R8 V9 H/ n# V* d' O0 u) g  话题:
& Z& h* ?3 O& _' i* U$ s. p  “一年之计在于春,一日之计在于晨”。晨练是人们常见的锻炼身体形式之一,有利于强壮身体、塑造体形等,可以增进健康,得到生活乐趣。你喜欢晨练吗?
& p0 P# z) D+ e' n, S: m. u  范文:* n: B! I9 N" X& W6 g. `  B, g
  Morning came.The bell rang.I got out of the warm cotton-padded quilt,quickly dressedmyself,ran onto the playground,and played on the parallel bars.
  I( k1 a' i, D$ D4 N0 N  A few moments later,more people came.They exercised themselves in various ways.Some ranaround the track.Some played on the horizontal bar.Still some played basketball,trying toshoot baskets.A group of girls were walking on the balance beam by turn.A couple ofstrongly-built boys made graceful movements on the flying rings.Over there,several old menand women did shadow-boxing.
: X# w- I' Z2 M7 B1 N7 j  At exactly 6∶30,music came for people to do exercises to radio music.For ten minutes all thepeople on the playground were seen bending down and straightening up,turning left and right.It's really a beautiful sight to look at!
- J, `, |9 W: u% N2 ?( V  词汇:
' P. \% d. L; U8 F7 G( y  cotton-padded quilt棉被3 {# F8 q( L% l8 Z
  parallel bars双杠' y. a! ^* w7 M0 f" I
  run around the track绕着跑道跑步# A7 `& A6 S- W# R6 l& j9 e! J; I: K
  horizontal bar单杠
  P" J3 D/ |/ H& k  shoot baskets投篮$ o, ?( H8 @0 N& Y' r) [( H
  balance beam平衡木# V9 _4 M* A  \" J
  by turn轮流; Z! a0 v4 q6 z0 ^& H' j
  flying rings吊环$ m3 c# l3 C2 R; R4 M* Z- D
  shadow-boxing太极拳/ M) y2 I4 W$ A' F9 Q
  bending down and straightening up弯腰运动
6 h6 w5 k3 S6 z" V$ Q# E2 z) p9 b  四六级考试写作范文干货分享2 F, I3 n3 @5 z3 I& R0 ^
  范文3:双学位的现象9 {. J; q1 X0 y: S
  话题:4 x8 T; r/ o0 @% {. W
  现在快到2018年毕业季了,可是有相当一部分同学仍然在努力修双学位,也有部分同学认为,修双学位对日后找工作用处不大。那么,对于修双学位这一现象,你是怎么看的呢?双学位有利于日后找工作的吗?- \: r( a: V* f5 J! n6 Q
  范文:3 f6 ^; d! M' |1 F$ Q  J8 a9 O
  Recently it has become a common phenomenon for college students to have two majors at the same time.In this way,they can get double BA degrees when they graduate from the university several years later.
% Y, r+ J. A% y: }! U  b" y+ l  Although it may bring unfavorable consequences,we can be sure to conclude that this practice is favorable on the whole.To begin with,most students will become more hardworking and efficient in order to finish the learning tasks satisfactorily.Moreover,with two degrees at hand after graduation,they will stand a better chance in the job market full of fierce competition.In the third place,as for today's university students,tuition and fees are becoming more and more expensive.If they can make achievements in study at school and find a satisfactory job afterwards,it will not be a big problem.
4 p- o! o7 |' d  Weighing the pros and cons of such a new trend,we can naturally arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial and rewarding.This system not only compels students to work hard,but also prepares them for the coming competition.  T+ x( d9 C5 L* P: ?
, b+ W  k0 z( `  s" X  common普通的;通俗的' r3 z2 H" F" p1 D
  phenomenon现象,事件  |+ @- o0 l3 o& I, I
  at the same time同时;一起
( z" e0 |' R( J+ E6 q1 G) X/ t  several years later数年后$ }' r) O6 Q( T' I. I
  on the whole大体上,基本上# |5 R5 Z+ B% g
  job market工作市场
5 O4 A, b8 A0 L  V( D+ w8 `9 i4 G  fierce competition竞争激烈' D6 y9 |( q1 m* E6 X8 L
  范文4:拼团7 Y% J. x  n$ Y& a( _( V' l
  话题:% X; t: F* G* k- L! \* A5 x! g
  现在是信息的时代,随着电商行业的飞速发展,人们越来越喜欢用APP购物,在消费的同时越来越多的人选择拼团的方式,那么,拼团有哪些好处呢?又有哪些问题呢?你是怎么看的呢?% ?/ v0 b9 Z) Y; {% S
  范文:8 a  \  A7 F2 z! P2 Y
  In recent years,a new type of online shopping is rapidly gaining popularity—group purchasing,which was originally introduced from foreign countries but is now widely accepted all over China.People can buy not only goods,but also all kinds of services on group purchasing sites.
( k& I" k' ?+ h  Group purchasing is very convenient,and saves people a lot of money.But it also has some problems.Since group purchasing is nothing more than another form of online shopping,the nature of it is no different from other online shopping patterns.Problems that exist in online shopping also can be found in group purchasing,like deceptive adv**isements or poor after-sale services.
1 h; s% p+ g8 {- s  In my opinion,we should treat group purchasing as a way of shopping and nothing more.We must be careful not to buy something we don’t need only to follow the fashion.
7 R5 \: {$ o4 x3 r, K  词汇:# i; q" g4 {6 o8 n
  In recent years近几年;最近几年中;晚近
3 y- }9 T5 J) {# _& t" o  online shopping网购
8 k0 Z& o$ o+ @, A  In my opinion依我看来;据我看来; x- t* s. k/ Q# V
  nature n.大自然;自然方式;天性
* h" D1 @3 {( Y  adv**isements n.广告,宣传;公告;做广告* p7 `; x! F0 B. F
  after-sale售后  V6 F3 B$ W5 L! u! s" a& ]% F2 L
  fashion n.时尚界;时尚;v.**
1 g1 G5 s1 C3 a9 k( i8 y  四六级考试写作范文干货分享
* m" ]% p0 M" y0 \. Z0 Z  范文5:异性朋友和同性朋友
5 K1 e1 m- D: B, e. E6 ?# G$ o  话题:
8 p1 p) a8 X9 L" q% O. Q/ O4 G4 E  每个人总会在身边有各式各样的朋友种类,所谓朋友就是除了亲人之外没有血缘关系的友好的人,有些人喜欢异性朋友,有些人喜欢同性朋友,你喜欢哪种?
0 V. L; R9 \5 \9 B% T  范文:1 L, x$ d$ J$ [/ \7 M
  It is universally known that friendship is one of the eternal themes in the literature of alllanguages.This is because human beings were born to need the warmth and laughter offriends.However it is impossible for us to make friends with everybody.We have to choosetrue friends.Some of us like similar friends,while others different friends.Personally,I preferboth.
; \5 a4 ?4 {, ]5 }# C5 K3 A& v  C, B  It goes without saying that having similar friends has many advantages.We can feel a sense ofstrength when we have a group of old friends who would share our sufferings and happiness.Mor eover,old friends always know how to maintain mutual trust and how to avoid potentialfriction.I always feel delighted when I meet an old friend after a long departure.Immediately,hearty laughter fills the atmosphere.
* }4 c; m" C( d8 Z  Nev**heless I believe that a mixture of friends is equally advantageous.In the first place,frequent contact with dif ferent friends broadens my wor ld outlook.For instance,I have foundit a real treasure to have so many friends on the campus who often help me reinforce mybeliefs.Secondly,I have found that different friends cannot only lead to new adventures butalso show me new avenues in life.Thirdly,they can help me with whatever difficulties Iencounter in life.
! L; p1 e8 ~; ^$ j- T  To conclude,I prefer to have both types of friends and as many as possible.Of course,I willnot forget to choose friends wisely.
0 s. X0 D! h! P  词汇:; _; Y$ M) U- j: T6 `6 e
  eternal theme永恒主题
3 x# X# z+ k5 j8 r+ i" c4 F) L8 e  warmth n.温暖
5 ~' o; ?, X* f1 v  laughtern.笑声8 d9 r; K3 `  }, u) M9 ^
  a sense of strength力量感
5 V* [" S* `; ?& Q  sufferings and happiness悲和喜
. j1 w8 ^8 O7 t$ D  maintain mutual trust保持相互信任
1 E6 E0 x, I+ [+ c  avoid potential friction避免可能发生的磨擦
/ X  z* e2 x0 |+ n! d% L  broaden outlook拓宽视野5 G& `1 a% A. T; w) o
  treasure n.珍宝
8 n; Y5 H7 Q  }2 U, j  reinforce one’s belief加强信念
" x3 v' D6 [; P; s8 J  new avenues in life人生新的道路& K: [4 D+ D' R+ n; }8 c, J
  范文6:诚信为何物8 Z- i- \3 A/ V# a0 V
6 R7 ?' Q% t2 E5 I7 d. u9 B2 k: Y  何为诚信?从道德范畴来讲,诚信即待人处事真诚、老实,讲信誉、言必行、行必果,一言九鼎、一诺千金。那么,你认为的诚信是怎样的呢?
. U* c' f# X3 M# x  范文:6 B: X) Y+ `* U  n) [$ D; K
  From my point of view,the cartoonist intends to remind the readers that honesty is of great value.At the top of the list,integrity does matter to personal growth.Without sincerity,barely can any individual be really successful or cheerful.In addition to what has been argued above,a man can not only profit from honesty materially,but he can also benefit much from it spiritually.In effect,it is integrity that enables people to live a much richer mental and material life.What's more,honesty is like a lighthouse to a man in want of help,which can guide him to a bright and promising road.As a result,there is no exaggeration to say that integrity is an element critical to problem solving and life success./ o! y2 J7 E3 f: x, G7 S; N- `8 V
  In view of the above-mentioned analysis,we may safely draw a conclusion:It is golden time that we took initiatives.For one thing,we are supposed to make use of this picture to enlighten the young.For another,it is advisable for us to cultivate the awareness of being an honest man.Although,ahead is a long road,filled with hardship and unc**ainty,I am firmly confident that our shared efforts will be paid off eventually.7 j! a( D& Z( s7 ]
3 \; s6 _$ k0 D' H. z9 V) I- ~& q  magnifying glass放大镜,放大器' k& M$ k6 x* b" m, l, n
  famous brand名牌,名牌货
- ?* a7 M3 q( ]# `" e  far-reaching深远的,广泛的,深至远处的
7 l' c# k) R2 f: V& E( l( E  At the top of the list名列前茅# k. K7 ]# U- L* A3 _" W. S
  personal growth个人成长6 v" z) b- ^( p' Y/ e$ D
  problem solving问题解决! T. @1 R3 J/ l1 J! O
2 [' x% L, {1 s+ n6 g# X; j  范文7:电影电视的影响
2 A- k5 A: ?& d  ]$ C  }  话题:
+ J  o  W1 t5 x5 o! h  电视电影都是通过荧幕向人们传递一些东西,我们对电视电影的需求层次也越来越高,对于电视电影中的某些情节,在现实生活中可能有人会效仿,也会让人从电视电影的某些细节场景等去感受生活,体会人生百态,那么你认为电影电视对你带来了哪些影响?: @% k- W- q, E( X
3 A" q9 {9 ~% [" z- P/ [+ X  There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave.Moreover,it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual ent**ainment,whether it is television,a video tape or a DVD.Therefore,the effects of visual media cannot be ignored.1 H, W( T7 l0 E! k, `
  One obvious effect of these media is that watching them induces people to buy c**ainproducts.Television adv**ising is widespread and,nowadays,even movie theaters permit adv**isements.Another way TV and the movies affect people is that they give people either abroader view of the world or a distorted one,depending on what type of program they watch.Those who watch news and educational program can learn many new things while those whowatch primarily ent**ainment shows may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks.It may make them become dissatisfied with their ownlives.Finally,perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children,who may be unable to tell factfrom fiction and may try to imitate acts that they see on TV or in the movies.2 N& l& z  c- {, Y7 N
  With the ever-increasing popularity of video ent**ainment,society must pay attention to these effects.Television and movies,while ent**aining and informative,cannot take the place of real experience.# w9 u9 P- I/ J+ B6 u2 H& W* \
8 y7 e1 z% y! g4 m) z  There is no doubt that毫无疑问的是…
# {: n2 H2 M: q% f5 e  范文8:父母与子女关系% ^8 H3 k) t6 {
* _: r' t5 j5 f' H  我们都很清楚父母与子女关系在家庭关系当中扮演着重要的角色,不仅是一座建立代际信任和连接的桥梁,也会给孩子个人的成长带来深远和微妙的影响。
4 M0 \( U' r/ R4 ?' @  范文:
2 H( U$ m5 m# L0 j$ _7 X) a+ x6 r  As we widely know that the relationship between parents and children plays a significant role in the domestic relationship,which not only serves as crucial bridge to build trust and connection between two generations but also ex**s a profound and subtle influence toward to children’s personal growth.
# j& X2 D0 F1 s' Q  In order to strengthen the relationship,it is imperative to cultivate the respect between generations,which not only includes the respect to parents from children but also the other way around.Furthermore,it is sensible for the parents to spend more time on the company with their children,enhancing the affection between each other.Finally,it is wise for the parents to set an example rather than make demands,enabling the children to follow and achieve spiritual development.4 e* H( l/ b7 I9 l
  To sum up,the sound relationship between two generations requires the integration of numerous measures derived from the joint effort of parents,children and schools.
# t/ T/ T" i# g  p& \* ?  词汇:# F. P" w: H' f! t( a3 G5 C1 C
  profound深厚的;意义深远的# o$ `1 W# n$ X/ I' A8 \
  personal growth个人成长
3 ~0 S! [! i$ l) u6 y0 S& }  subtle微妙的;巧妙的;敏感的;狡猾的% G- H3 O8 j& T* L( _
  in order to为了…& f: r: ^3 g( c2 `  b
- ]: G, x6 T1 y- r# n  affection喜爱,慈爱
$ S' G' y; _# k2 C+ F  set an example以身作则;示范3 v# |8 y7 r9 {3 \2 c; H& p
  rather than…而不…,与其…倒不如…$ E! c: {8 }& X3 |8 O% C+ Z
  instead of sb/sth而不是" b6 H" y$ d$ G$ D4 g: [/ k
  范文9:酒驾为何频现3 \# s2 k" j3 V. L% @$ m, \  Y
& H7 Y5 C7 i/ d3 h- R  大部分交通事故都与酒驾有关,而酒后驾驶已经被列为车祸致死的主要原因。喝酒时酒精的刺激使人兴奋不知不觉中就会喝多,当酒精在人体血液内达到一定浓度时,人对外界的反应能力及控制能力就会下降,处理紧急情况的能力也随之。. c% z4 u; t) m: X5 k
$ t3 g% b5 p5 f7 V5 F$ B8 |  Currently,as a mass of reports on deaths andinjuries caused by drunken driving are all over thenews,the phenomenon of drunken driving has aroused nationwide concern.
) M/ M" ~; F- v4 s5 A  |  Drunken driving will undoubtedly give rise to severe consequences if we turn a blind eye to it.Inthe first place,it will put the safety of drivers,passengers and pedestrians under threat by causing traffic accidents,injuries or even deaths.After that,it means a mournful waste of time and money to treat the injured and fix the crashed cars.In addition,the irresponsible behaviors of the drunken drivers may lead to theunstabilization of the society.( ~0 w' A7 b, K. m$ m2 a" J
  Prompt and effective measures should be taken to reduce drunken driving before thingsget worse.On the one hand,it is essential that laws and regulations should be strictlyenforced to impose heavy penalty on those who violate the rules.On the other,more effortsshould be made to arouse public consciousness,such as propagating the bad influence ofdrunken driving.Only in this way can drunken driving be reduced.
9 K( M" u% C  M  词汇:
' b  V9 n+ L. q* X  a mass of大量的! t7 h+ c8 _# h
  deaths死(death的名词复数)2 I, Z% A5 `; h: r; Z
  drunken酒醉的;常醉的;酗酒的! Q7 A2 d& k9 g- R
  nationwide全国性的;全国范围的( O. j/ q, L5 t$ x3 P( ~! u. ^
  Drunken driving酒后开车
: |; N! |4 v: u/ f  irresponsible不负责任的;不可靠的( L' j# |' k3 K7 u* B  j
  drunken drivers醉酒司机; m( X6 U$ W9 z; @! c
  on the one hand在一方面
& c: L  ~; B0 ^% E: @2 h+ p% K9 u3 G  public consciousness公开意识
( M7 s- G( M4 a! o  propagating繁衍,增殖(propagate的现在分词)3 }1 k: t6 W. B9 v' }; P% n
* W) M" Q$ r2 v& }9 b( S( y( m  话题:* D# @  a3 f  p5 T3 M8 L! V
  很多年轻人都有自己的偶像,这是21世纪的产物,但人们对明星偶像的看法不一,你追星吗?你心目中的明星是怎样的呢?7 w0 g$ \& V: \) S2 M6 V
2 ]1 r) V% @1 P+ \7 ^* B) i  When asked about the question of idols,the overwhelming majority of most answer that“Yes”.Nowadays,idol worship is a popular phenomenon among young people.In my opinion,idol worship is like a coin has two sides,there is a positive aspect and a negative aspect.
% E- D0 m: I& |' z  t0 [1 K- ~! D  There are some positive aspects.Idols are our excellent examples,we can learn the spirit of never give up from their life.The idols’works can help us relaxing the pressure.In contrast,idol worship is a not good phenomenon.Many young people will spend too much money to buy the HOBBY(明星周边)in order to support the idols.Once there is a chance for them to meet their idols,they will go at all costs and forget about their study or work.What’s more,some of them make the cosmetic surgery to look like the idol he or she likes.  p2 d# }2 |% A: u" q
  There is a standard when we were a fan,we should in our senses.Young people should learn to explore the real factors of stars’success and get self-improvement by learning from their idols.) {, d# V3 q# h6 A
# H/ B1 M9 e% r& S- C* f  idols神像;偶像(idol的名词复数)
1 ~3 q  [" A% J( e  overwhelming majority压倒的多数2 G4 Z8 o, _) z7 v' ]
  Nowadays现在,当今;当今,现在! |  q' a; y/ @( Q. c0 w
# _$ b+ h) u  X  x  ^  in order to为了…
9 v" Y* Z5 Q; r* G  self-improvement自强;自我改善,自我修养factors因素(factor的名词复数)" q/ B. U# U- }# ~, o2 X) r
  cosmetic surgery美容外科学,整容手术: e. g4 d% D) C% D
0 h; F; e7 ^  q  话题:7 V% A7 ^0 |0 y2 f0 A
2 e4 u& v+ E8 q$ V, [. N  范文:/ y( h; z+ J& H) d* g# L
  As a product of modern computer and theInternet,online games have become very popular among college students.A great manystudents have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games.But as we see,some students lacking self-discipline are too much indulged in these games so that their healthand academic performances are affected.This phenomenon has caused much worry fromthe teachers and parents.3 K2 k. m3 _5 y- A% m1 S3 s$ A
  However,some others argue that online games are not always harmful.They can train theability of youngsters to respond to things quickly.Moreover,they can stimulate theirimagination and their interest in computer science.More importantly,it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure greatly.. u2 c- O# m; z( _$ s$ J
  From my point of view,online games are a wonderful ent**ainment if you play them in areasonable way.When they interfere too much with your study,it is better for you to givethem up at once.Yet if you have enough self-control over them,you can c**ainly obtain realpleasure and benefit a lot from them.
2 T; A: B% S0 d& P  W  词汇:
; p* A) d! K! n) a8 `+ f8 u% x- H4 }7 Y  enjoyed喜欢;享有(enjoy的过去式和过去分词); i2 I7 Y5 T. u( U: E% b: B! M" f9 r" q3 l
  self-discipline自律;自我训练# ^. l) B1 A0 u. S9 C+ v5 h3 E
  phenomenon现象,事件;奇迹;非凡的人6 I6 m( _8 g8 @& @& L
  computer science计算机科学
) `7 u, U" {- i: v# ^4 ~! ?# Y  point of view观点5 N+ G0 i  |9 g7 H: F7 I
  at once立刻;立即
$ }/ b9 q$ M4 f5 }  范文12:隐私遭泄漏如何确保信息安全
; |% A; i! b9 M8 K+ z, _  话题:) t- I7 o8 F; u* b
  前段时间Facebook用户的数据遭泄露的消息刷屏了各大网络,在这个计算机技术飞速发展的时代,我们该如何保护自己的隐私,如何确保信息安全呢?7 w7 v! U$ D' i/ b
  范文:- ~2 w  F/ t2 t4 ^
  The human beings are stepping into the information society.The information industry develops very rapidly,so do the hackers,trick-playing teens,exploring children,fraudsters,and serious white-collar criminals.Thus,information security becomes an impending important issue.+ n& N: K" k1 ]: s' ?6 }5 J
  In case of information breach,the victims——government department,an organization or an institution,or a company will inevitably suffer great or small loss.Government may be threatened with national security.Companies may lose opportunities to develop new projects.And the public’s and users’confidence will be damaged.
$ G( Z( F' B* n6 n/ o  Y9 v  Then how to deal with this issue?Technology is only a partial solution to information security.What’s more important is that organizations and companies should promote the awareness on information security to its staff.However,since no system can ever be 100 percent secure,a prevention-only approach to information security management is not enough.Companies and organizations should adopt a dual approach to information security management by combing prevention and detection techniques.4 s. W3 G. s4 W$ i: f# B/ p& o
( x) J  h* N+ B3 O$ t0 b  information society信息社会& H8 v$ E- s1 J& G% M, V# U: D
  government department政府部门( V; C& S+ j( @5 _2 n& `& Q' y
" B9 d" q5 q! P/ S* {  security management安全管理( U. ]. F# c: ]; [
  information security信息安全7 R7 d) ~! h; O/ Z0 v3 x. I) ?
  范文13:喜欢在社交软件上发自拍照% W( R) S: R% x) O% X  P# J. G
  话题:; V0 {* f' D, n/ n) @: ?; t6 h
  随着各类手机美图软件的兴起,年轻一代越来越喜欢在社交软件上发布自己的自拍照。这些照片看起来都很完美,其他人会给他们点赞。你喜欢拍照吗?你喜欢在社交软件上发布自己美照吗?* O$ Q0 m* t' T  C! {. j
  范文:% `  f" a! ^/ \) R9 I
  The young generation likes to post their selfies on the social software.As all the pictures look perfect,people will give them the“like”.According to the research,people take selfies to make them look much better because of the vanity.They want to catch more people’s attention and enjoy being praised.
3 k! Z. `+ T. \! {+ o: f; F6 z& ]4 }  Most people have such experience.When they first see a person from the selfies,they will be attracted by his or her perfect looking,but when they finally meet the person face to face,they feel lost because the person looks not that stunning from the pictures.With the development of camera technology,people can use some softwares to beautify their selfies,even make them look like stars.
6 X2 N5 q, t1 [! I# E  The reason why people like to take selfies online is that they want to present the best sides to their friends,showing the status of enjoying life.Actually,people are under many pressure from work and study.They seek comfort by presenting the perfect situation.When they receive the praise from the Internet,they will be happy and forget the annoyance.If selfies can bring them the positive attitude to life,which is a good technology.: e% E& }7 W7 m* e. ]
  @& V) k! V) P( [: O; l  generation产生;一代人5 a1 i6 O  [7 v* t5 d
  according to根据,按照;据…所说;如;比照0 q. L, f% b& T* S6 a4 L
4 @% I5 I9 S' V- ~$ }  ^  face to face面对面;相对  k% R6 n- _- O  M6 \1 O
  feel lost怅然若失;恍然若失;不知所措3 d) o; ?8 V4 `; ~4 i
  look like看起来与相像
4 ^1 X% ^2 \& d  ~$ T6 P+ B! \  praise赞扬,称赞
1 G- S8 r8 j+ Y+ R0 T  范文14:在地铁里可以吃东西吗?
5 u7 N* w' {+ D% D  H6 E  \2 a/ ^/ g  话题:$ @/ g; j" `; Q& F( r# {& l! a) x
8 ?2 r' E. U) E4 x& l  范文:
2 S$ Q! k9 Y% g5 y, u& a8 i7 i  Currently,some cities are considering a food ban on subways,which has sparked heated discussion.Some people say food should be banned because of the trash and rats they attract.And,garbage from discarded food can cause track fires.Beyond sanitary and mechanical concerns,food can also cause fights,as was discovered last week by one passenger who criticized a woman eating steamed stuffed bun on the subway." {% @/ |; v8 I
  However,some others are opposed to the idea.They argue that people like eating in the train in the morning because they don't have enough time to eat at their houses or restaurants.Sometimes that may be the only time or meal a transit rider may be able to eat especially when traveling long distances.Besides,there are people,for example diabetics,who do require food at various times to maintain blood-sugar levels./ ~1 J" G; T, j  L4 }* J: K5 V. `
  Personally,I'm against the ban because of the huge inconvenience it would cause to commuters,and the expense involved in enforcing it.Still,I believe we should have a little common courtesy.I think we all have responsibility to try to treat our subway system and fellow riders with respect,and that extends to food as well.
# [* ?2 N. U6 t; A+ e  a# ?% P  词汇:
. @, @' u+ m4 b8 O6 u  ban v.下令禁止;查禁n.禁令7 ]% Z6 ]5 ~  K, H/ u4 t& O( X0 q
  diabetic adj.糖尿病的;患糖尿病的;适合糖尿病患者的;专供糖尿病患者吃的n.糖尿病患者) s* n9 z% k4 E; N
  maintain blood-sugar levels维持血糖水平
, z  Z, H! N- l# S1 o  commuter上下班往返的人  R8 I# w6 T. N
  extend to延伸到,扩展到0 A9 F' Z5 ^5 E# O) w; a$ Y- c
  范文15:亚健康问题% f- S7 s; a/ {! f
8 V! }) `8 `) s! r* d  1、随着现代化的不断加速发展,全世界的物质生活水平不断攀升,但人们却日益受到“亚健康”这种不良状态的威胁。8 j; ~  F* y( z6 v; o2 Q
  2、亚健康的具体表现及在我国的蔓延程度(据调查,北京75%、上海72%、广州70%的上班族都处于亚健康状态)。/ \3 j% z, P. }! |. {; J
0 w" R0 W3 O4 }% e3 l: ^  范文:, s5 x5 B9 @& O0 u. [
  With the modernization of the world,people's standard of living has improved a lot.Then there appears a state of sub-health among people which poses a new threat to them.* M. v) N. F; ]( O
  There are some tpical symptoms for people who are in a state of sub-health.First of all,those who suffer from it often have a headache or backache.Secondly,they feel like having a rest frequently.What upsets us most is that,the situation spreading countrywide.As a result,more and more workers in big cities are harassed by it,with a percentage of 75 in Beijing,72 in Shanghai and 70 in Guangzhou respectively.& z6 L  G/ f9 R8 Z1 m! ]
  Then how can we sovle this problem effectively?Exp**s suggest that the best way to keep ourselves thealthy is to do exercises.It is also very important that people should form a good living habit,for example,getting up early and going to sleep early.Only doing so can we keep us healthy.9 m" @) C6 k/ D" f! ?( r
  词汇:/ D1 ?  o- |  Y
  sub-health亚健康;亚健康状态;次提出亚健康: c# z( z" g/ X6 @; m
  harass v.骚扰;侵扰;不断攻击(敌人)3 s# c6 R; Q, z. I
  respectively adv.分别;各自;顺序为;依次为9 [) q: u% u. y4 g7 Q( `
# t5 `# q+ u  L) C3 s  CET-6写作范文
$ R8 [2 A9 `) b# Q* @$ U  范文1:如何培养阅读习惯$ A) C; E) [+ P4 g
  话题:) f, z9 Y4 N5 s! w+ @" s
  平时大家多数时间都忙于学习、考试、工作,很少有时间能静下心来看一本书。但若是养成了读书的习惯,就会把读书当成一种享受。+ T! I) q* G3 Q! q
/ m, v1 S9 N( I6 l1 C& \  We may say with c**ainty that the more one reads,the better one understands;and that the better one understands,the more one is inclined to read.In other words,from reading comes understanding,and from understanding comes more reading.The reading habit is actuallycultivated by reading itself.
% G  D' B6 K1 U- f  Now let us discuss the question of what to read.There are books on various subjects—history,literature,philosophy,science,fine arts,etc.When you a re to choose from among a vast number of subjects the best books to read,you will feel quite at sea.I therefore suggest that,before you proceed to read any book,you try to find out what others have done before you,that is read the results of other people's labour first.Usually newspapers or magazines are always your convenient guide to the world of best writings.
( e& S2 P* n4 q  Another problem is how to read.Here,I would offer two suggestions:concent ration and reflection.You cannot well understand what is said in books unless you concent rate your mind on what you read.And then you must think over what you have read.This is reflection which helps to summarize your reading.To a great extent,concentration and reflection are interdependent.
: w2 B# J% g3 H5 d) F3 ?* h  A reading habit thus formed will prove valuable to you.Whenever you have spare time,youwill resort not to places of pleasure,but to the bookshelves,you will not feel lonesome when you are alone,because you can see all kinds of characters moving and acting on the pages,andyou can hear all kinds of good counsel.In the long run,your imaginative power will be increased,your esthetic sensibility heightened,your vocabulary enlarged,and finally your ability of writing tremendously improved.
( S4 F& r: v1 B$ k8 |  词汇:9 W6 l0 K( x7 h" u
  be inclined to+v.趋向于2 D  y1 S! s9 Y# Q
  feel at sea感到茫然
8 Q  g( h1 w% D% N9 ]: Z  proceed to+v.进行9 p( ~$ ^4 {" S; X6 B
  concent ration and reflection集中注意和思考反省8 u7 u" R5 x  |. L/ G6 |4 D
  concent rate one’s mind on...注意力集中在....
5 t$ K+ }6 Q$ N  summarize v.总结
! X7 N& k$ v5 A7 V: R  to a...extent在...程度上  I  o' U6 m/ F0 O- k
  interdependent a.互为依存2 a& `' W4 Q! B" s- ]& @4 [& k
  resort to+n.常去..% ~8 a8 s) M% E9 R
  not feel lonesome when alone独处时不感到孤独* t/ ~% L' K6 s  f* i( c& a+ h
  in the long run长远来看2 @5 J9 n8 P4 j/ R
  sen sibility heightened审美能力提高了
2 G9 [" m; i  I& E' a, u  范文2:该不该买房" U# F5 b8 i) @) ~
  话题:+ Q! `, w; B7 a/ t; E+ Z7 R5 W
  买不买房、怎么买、买在哪等等关于买房子话题一直是我们茶后谈论的焦点,那么,你认为房子该不该买呢?5 }# K' d9 ?/ {9 V4 y# E. N
  范文:/ e6 _! ]% q* a/ k) _1 r* G2 ]- C
  There is a heated debate on the importance ofbuying a house with the soaring house prices.Those emphasizing the in^ortance of buyiog a house maintain that living in your bwn house makes you feel better and more comfortable compared to that in a rented one.Besides,no investment is more rewarding than buying a house nowadays.Statistics from both home and abroad shows that owning a houseguarantees an increase in assets.
+ w2 g% _( o$ J  Quite the contrary,many people say,buying a house is not that important.On one hand,a rented apartment can provide the same comfortable or even better life for people.This is especially true when many people have no money to decorate their houses after the big purchase.On the other hand,peopk can spend more money on other more protitable investment than involving in real estate,such as buying stocks or other art poliections." I* D' j# r4 W5 S" `  L
  Personally,I think possessing a house is extremely important.At its core,a house is a shelter After buying a house,people will become stable.What’s more important is that children will also settle and can concentrate on study—children could get affected as they adapt themselves with the new places,teachers and creating new friends ** them Lagbehind academically.6 \- b) I  ?. o0 W# V9 I7 _
' V& b4 g/ j4 c0 l, t# ~. }0 b  home and abroad国内外,海内外
, w" g7 F% T6 g, e  emphasizing强调(emphasize的现在分词)& W9 J% Q% t' g# b4 w9 r, Q
  comfortable舒适的;安逸的7 O0 V3 {! h/ `, k' _2 y' R! D7 \$ i
  Quite the contrary正相反5 W. D! e4 ^2 ~7 L
  involving牵涉;表明(involve的现在分词)5 _( s- q" Y; Y% h; M1 J
  real estate房地产;不动产( j# N6 m+ `5 {, F
  more important更加重要+ I6 `# |5 h- P3 _3 l, j4 P
  K9 O1 L  D, Z2 ?" z; C- A5 c) D  extremely极端地,非常地,很
+ H* `8 N( m7 t& v% v3 C  四六级考试写作范文干货分享
% R! P$ l; m4 Y  范文3:关于失败
- `1 \; }$ L* f/ W9 o3 Q  话题:4 ^- i( k9 @( K2 B0 R- h
3 h8 S# t) U' J  ?8 j7 F; R  范文:
3 l/ T: |0 C4 y  Everyone expects to succeed in whatever he/she does.Unfor tunately no one is always successful in all his/her life,not even such great people as marx,mao,madam currie and einstein.Dif ferent people hold diffe rent attitudes towards failure.Some people become discouraged and are even defeated by failure,while some other people learn lessons from failure and continue their efforts.$ Z- Z7 K- K. o. m: ?) v* L, y
  There is no denying that failure is a bad thing,but"bad things can turn to good things."It all depends on how we deal with it.If we are pessimistic,we will lose heart.If we are optimistic,we will see hope.I really have sympathy for those who,being badly hurt by failure,lose self-confidence and confidence in life.However,I have even greater admiration for those who,being stimulated by failure,go on straight forward to achieve success.' N' W4 i" G& I  w1 ?- Y
  I believe in the saying“failure is the mother of success.”If I fail,I will try again,if I fail again.I will try and try again.
. K: x, d; Y, I3 W  词汇:
. _' j- @2 L5 q/ h$ }  there is no denying that不可否认+ V0 E& @/ q0 q( b! v
  deal with对待,处理,应付+ [2 K/ ?' Z/ p6 T7 B$ J4 W! v% b
  pessimistic a.悲观的8 ]6 @& w3 G; s. E! @/ i; A
  lose hea rt失去信心
; V2 a7 R& @) U1 E+ G; ]# G+ g  optimistic a.乐观的  e7 h) \1 Q) Y( S  |$ B
  see hope看到希望6 n4 @( q  r4 L9 Q
  have sympathy for...对⋯⋯寄以同情) t& n9 D0 A' t! i! L0 \
  have admiration for...对⋯⋯表示钦佩
: b, Y* U5 T4 z' T7 G# V: o8 h  stimulate v.激励,刺激5 H: M1 K. I3 m# d7 f6 ]
  范文4:毕业是否意味着失业?: T4 j; n" f, x2 a  h
  话题:3 j- V& D6 \! b% V# y8 e' N5 Z$ r
& ]- r4 o& g. a( w/ J  范文:
  B: g/ i% P8 |1 E! w2 y  For many years,especially after the financial crisis in 2008,the employment of college students has been brought to public attention.Under the severe employment situation,job-hunting is being a more tough challenge for graduates.Therefore,we often hear that graduation is the synonym of unemployment,which brings great anxiety to graduates.But is this really the case?As far as I am concerned,graduation is not the synonym of unemployment.: q* F& L, V6 g: S  c3 `9 x( t5 \
  There’s no doubt that today’s labor market is not what it was years ago,and the advantages of college graduates are not so superior.Therefore,the first thing we have to do is having a clear understanding of the changes in the situation and shift our psychology and expectation.Control our expected salary in a reasonable bound.Besides,chances are always for those people who are prepared adequately.Because of the prosperous economy and improving employment markets,there still are plenty of opportunities,but only those who are well prepared can make use of them to achieve their purposes.Furthermore,hold a positive attitude towards employment.It is the firtst step that costs troublesome.Job-hunting is not an easy task and we may be refused by employer,but we can’t be discouraged.We always should be positive and confident to ourselves.
) F3 o" o( V6 [3 I  In short,the challenges of employment is always there but it’s not so horrible as we imagine.We should improve ourselves to get a chance and believe that there must be a right job still waiting for us./ i* H: }9 e1 w) t8 m
$ O# O& V9 n" G4 x" @  job-hunting找工作,求职' v  Y; V- O5 \' w) f
  unemployment失业3 \' o( x; C6 M, k4 [1 L+ j
  financial crisis金融[财政]危机/ e: d) t; {$ \+ [$ s
  As far as I am concerned就我而言
/ j9 {* b* D: s  范文5:科学与世界难题' K2 Y1 b& @8 u+ b( S
! T) m3 H& r! e( ]1 i7 B  科技的发展带来了世界性的问题,而人口**则是最主要的。人口巨增使世界面临解决“生存问题”的难题,因此又必须求助于科技的进一步发展,但尚有很多困难。对此,你有什么样的看法呢?8 j* I0 i- y- X' j5 L
  范文:, A7 Y- P* ~1 ~% ^) f) W1 D
  In saying that the world is at a crossroads created by science and technology I know I am notthe first.But mankind cannot afford to hesitate in indecision.There is only one choice for us.We must begin to move along the road to a better future for all the peoples of the world and wemust do this now.
, }* I' M, I' {5 O" x  By the end of the 20th century,the population of the world might have been doubled.Inattempting to ensure food,clothing and a dignified standard of life for this enormous host ofpeople we must use every weapon that science and technology can give us.There are obviousdifficulties for the less developed areas in doing this—for example,lack of capital,differencesin social structure and inadequate knowledge.0 P, P: z8 q& U2 \* E6 F4 P
  Our strategy to overcome these difficulties must be total.We have to look at world problemsas a whole,that is,try to better our understanding of the complex interactions between themultitude of development activities.We already know the great gifts that science andtechnology can bestow on all nations.If we are made wiser by a constant appreciation of thecomplexities of what we are attempting,the faster we shall move towards a solution of thereally imperative problems that confront us everywhere.
! [) T8 _! x$ \7 s  Gains outweigh its losses.It also means more employment and moreincome for the country.For this reason the tourist industry should be developed vigorously soas to meet the needs of our socialist economy.
& q/ J* Y7 e. w- I+ a0 a  词汇:8 Q! e, C# @8 s' E) }
  crossroads n.十字路口6 E& e' h1 L3 t8 @: {) p1 G
  cannot afford to hesitate in indecision再经不起犹豫不决了( \+ ?9 y' R/ T& {  r* X5 U
  ensure v.保证,确保
1 h( ^+ }/ n. @* b7 \) a  dignified st anda rd of life有尊严的生活标准
, M' z8 A% k. m& x2 Z0 B, J9 H  enormous host of people=big population
. H8 K  w1 q8 P% k. z/ e  capital n.资本1 U( X( z- K$ ]6 G- f/ G8 H# t' o
  social structure社会结构. q  e1 p2 L/ g1 H) \9 R" j; e9 z
  inadequate a.不足的, b( p; U/ f! @$ p" [; d
  complex interactions复杂的相互影响" l; G6 N5 _% z+ I1 L
; E" _9 B. k' \+ t' C8 H  bestow on=give
( s2 G- Z* t+ E7 D% q  范文6:你喜欢健康还是财富
( x: @( o/ M) e  话题:
$ K5 p- B+ H; N  关于健康和财富的话题是很多人争论的中心,到底是财富重要还是健康重要呢?有人说没有健康就没有所谓的财富,没有财富也就没有所谓的健康。如果要二选其一,你会怎么选呢?' n# ?& m( K8 a1 M# H# H  x
7 c) E/ \4 P, `  "Health is wealth!".This is an old saying which the majority applaud.As a rule,the wealthieryou are,the weaker is your health,but this cannot be applied to all.
! H6 V, k8 X( g. ?8 [% g6 D0 G- ]  To begin with,a person that has health can afford to challenge all hardships.For example,manual workers are usually stout and energetic.With their energy,they earn their living.Although such an occupation brings little reward as compared with the energy they haveex**ed,they enjoy life whatever things may be.- y  O1 |3 [5 j& f
  Moreover,business is based on health.Students in good health can absorb knowledge morereadily.In good health,scientists can tackle complex technical problems and achieve moresuccess.
3 S# n( x9 d8 ~' P# J+ _. p; `  Frequently we find millionaires cling close to their doctors for they seldom have enoughexercises to bring forth better health.Their lack of exercises slackens the readiness of growth ofthe antibodies to resist the at tack of diseases.So,my argue is that health is more importantthan wealth for if we do not have health,what can we benefit from wealth?" `7 B4 h$ G6 Q# A2 O2 ]. O, j
  词汇:8 }9 [" r: x/ s
  cannot be applied to all并不适用于所有人
$ _8 K0 V( M4 \2 G% M  hardship n.困难; J, f3 D# ^6 Y" _% o
  manual worker体力劳动者
, U1 {, j$ ?2 [) s" D  stout and energetic健壮而精力充沛
1 ~- M% L3 U, I: t0 f! T  H  earn their living谋生/ t+ @. @" g/ M* D
  occupation n.职业
' j& b% @1 k# V  the energy they have ex**ed所出的力
' W" b+ g) V+ ~8 R% a! \$ G; x  absorb v.吸收( c. b# r" y$ J9 M7 q# I
  tackle v.解决,处理+ G! w$ Z% L6 Q9 u) @: P0 [4 p
  cling close to their doctors总离不开医生
1 c* j2 O; R- l/ t) l  范文7:收集的好处2 ?: h0 C  U0 E8 h
* |# G" S1 E% |. F+ S' v  人们常常存放一些日常使用的小东西以备不时之需,但这不是收藏。收藏是一种爱好,甚至是一种终生爱好。你有哪些收集的爱好呢?! j4 ]+ T: ]" G$ y8 h
  范文:' i7 Y! L5 w, Q% V
  Some small things are collected delibe rately in the home in an attempt to avoid waste.Amongthese I would list string and brown paper,kept by thrifty people when a parcel has beenopened,to save buying these two requisites.However,collecting as a serious hobby is quitedifferent and has many advantages.
2 e7 @% s& |, I' A3 m& y  Firstly,it provides relaxation for leisure hours,just as looking at one's treasure is always apleasure.One does not have to go outside for amusement,since the collection is housed athome.Whatever it consists of,stamps,records,pictures,model cars,stuffed birds,toy animals,there is always something to do in connection with it,from finding the right place for the latestaddition to verifying facts in reference books.Consequently,one's knowledge expands.( S# m: V- G. C
  Secondly,this hobby educates one not only in the chosen subject,but also in general matterswhich have some bearing on it,for instance,to meet like-minded collectors,to get advice,tocompare notes,to show off the latest find,and so on.In this way,one's circle of friends grows.
% R" e+ y+ p( }2 J3 D  Thirdly,the hobby soon leads to travel,perhaps to a meeting in another town,possibly a tripabroad in search of rare specimen(for collectors are not confined to one country).Over theyears one may well become an authority on one's hobby and will very probably be asked togive informal talks to little gatherings and then,if successful,to larger audience.In so doingself-confidence grows,first from mastering a subject,then from being able to talk about it.% S& ]2 W; {0 n, a  B7 ]
  In conclusion,collecting,by occupying spare time so constructively,makes a personcontented,with no time for boredom.  A9 f0 T+ v6 E# Y$ D3 y
  词汇:/ S, @8 f+ Z  y; [6 g2 g7 }
  deliberately ad.故意, I) ^* Q4 y( ~
  in an attempt to+v.为了,企图
0 s  N# i8 p4 ~% q  string n.线! \0 u& M/ _2 F$ _! Z
  brown paper牛皮纸
# I. b8 T# v: {- b7 A( K' J& L  thrifty people节俭的人们5 }0 I2 w/ J( T& J
  requisite n.必需品% v- O4 \2 u# y! |$ z( S- K4 r
  relaxation n.休息,放松
, }* W5 U! e1 Z- u/ v  amusement n.**  Q, `1 ?& f0 H" ?9 |
  be housed at home藏在家中& Y0 a; }2 a: _* `  |
  stuffed birds填鸟1 L- W; ^/ m5 q" K" n# i
  toy animals玩具动物
5 m5 E/ d- `% R$ l" Q  in connection with...与……有关
5 G6 `7 ~% ^- J$ o  the latest addition最新的收藏品
% L* S4 r( G& I9 U* r- _  verifying facts in reference books在参考书中查证事实8 p) S+ P2 @$ s1 ?% s5 S: l
  have some bearing on it与……有关& f/ i! \& W; l
  like-minded collectors想法相同的收藏者1 w9 c4 K/ _( d1 |  h8 |9 d
  范文8:爱好和兴趣之我见7 s  {, J4 |/ t9 L' h: b. a8 U
  话题:! B( u5 u% c. w% A
* @' ]. A) b) m1 }  范文:
! Y, i6 |& Z4 s0 j+ T+ C  From Monday until Friday most people are busy working or studying,but in the evenings and onweekends they are free to relax and enjoy themselves.Some watch television or go to themovies;others participate in sports.It depends on individual interests.There are manydifferent ways to spend our spare time.- z* K* T( t4 s9 D( ^" [! w
  Almost everyone has some kind of hobby.It may be anything from collecting stamps to **model airplanes.Some hobbies are worth a lot of money;others are valuable only to theirowners.
' d, z* k& k0 A2 Z* L  I know a man who has a coin collection worth several thousand yuan.A short time ago hebought a rare ten-yuan piece worth 250 yuan.He was very happy about the purchase andthought the price was reasonable.On the other hand,my son collects match boxes.He hasalmost 600 of them but I doubt if they are worth any money.However,to my son they areextremely valuable.Nothing makes him happier than to find a new match-box for hiscollection.
' r- E+ {9 P% K' E5 x+ W  That's what a hobby means,I guess.It is something we like to do in our spare time simply forthe fun of it.The value in money is not important,but the pleasure it gives us is.
, @1 N' Z6 J  I/ s7 W  词汇:
% p2 d! ]2 f( V6 b9 B2 p. v  busy+...ing忙于……
$ @; m& \/ R- M' o  be free to+v.随意……+ K0 V, m! O" \9 N, c/ U
  participate in参加
, X- L& j9 K* c( ?+ ]  be worth...(money)值……钱* a& D) S' N6 x2 R8 L6 G
  coin collection收藏钱币- {6 }7 X( Y- n; }; J6 `4 {
  purchase n.所购之物5 z; {5 A/ D) K% B" |0 D, l
  match box火柴匣2 |' }. l- b- @! g( {# Z  h
  nothing makes him happier than...没有……比……使他更高兴
: {) w! |  ~- }# `  范文9:如何交朋友* z( m# R7 B  o: b4 ]* _, \
  话题:: B7 a1 j+ v# E) \
9 W/ i* Z6 o6 b' s- H: Z* T! G2 N  范文:
3 m$ V. k1 g* S: [5 @$ C  A proverb says"One man is not good enough to live alone in the world."Indeed,there are many things in life which we alone cannot perform.We need f riends'help.Friends are people who willingly and readily help us when we are in trouble,and show sympathy for us when weare in misery.
$ h+ E: A% `0 }7 t5 A  The benefits of friendship a reboundless and sometimes invisible.For example,when we have passed the graduation examination and are looking for a job,we need experienced and reliable friends to guide us and help us on our way.A good friend is also an adviser,because our own points of view towards things may not be always right.Therefore,it is necessary for usto seek advice from friends.3 X1 J% g2 N# L" q( k
  Of course,we can make friends everywhere.However,I think the best place is school,where weare among a big number of boys and girls our own age,so it is easy to get to know one anotherin a short time.Besides,we can also make friends among the people who work with us in the community.
5 x/ S% i; I7 s* R/ L; |/ ?  In order to make friends,we ourselves must be honest,noble-minded and kind-heart edwhereby to leave a favourable impression on other s since other people observe us the sameway as we do.: b2 p* H9 m: G- I! b# ~) N9 E
  At the same time,we should avoid bad friends,because they always do harm to us,andmoreover,they are dangerous to the people a round.What is even worse,they mar ourfriendship with good friends.2 o9 r" v: s3 A  J
  Indeed,seeking acquaintance with bad friends would be a serious mistake.# N' }% n1 A2 q" c
  词汇:( ^2 k# I! s/ A; N2 g- q* k! J
  proverb n.谚语5 T6 W# R, U! j& `3 N. n
  show sympathy for对栢示同情
. M4 v, R: F+ i  boundless benefits无穷的好处1 |3 A0 ]/ o  d, s3 W$ L: \
  reliable a.可靠的
3 i# M% m" f% W2 A  seek advice from向脢求意见
6 a4 j0 X8 D! B* U/ {  leave an impression on给夢下印象
6 K  y+ F6 X6 V- ^  seek acquaintance with与**1 i3 q  g, P8 G$ V+ J
  范文10:手机控* f4 C2 O* n% N4 f/ w( [
# j5 ~" U6 h# ]  随着iPhone,等智能手机的普及,人们总喜欢把手机带在身边,对于手机控来说,一时见不到手机就会心烦意乱,那么,在生活中你遇到过手机控表现是怎样的呢?手机控是否会影响到我们的生活呢?你是一位手机控吗?7 Y& f: c) t- l4 ^+ D) s1 s
  范文:1 D' G9 M% `" ~# M
  Do you check your smartphone frequently?Do you feel distracted if your smartphone is not with you?When there’s no wifi or signal for your smartphone,will you get irritated?If you say yes,then you’ve got addiction to smartphones.Smartphone addiction is a phenomenon that causes a lot of troubles to people.
# t7 O. R2 o, [( D" X  In the first place,it may cause some problems to your health,such as visual fatigue,cervical spondylosis,and even neurasthenia.A friend of mine suffers from a serious spine collapse due to her addiction to smartphones during pregnancy.8 S1 H! _& y7 v% a/ D; v4 q
  Secondly,if you keep playing with your phone when you are with your friends or family,you will spend less time talking to them.In fact,it is they who need and deserve to be cared for.
$ R! `( j8 T9 p* j  Lastly,an excessive reliance on smartphones may weaken your interpersonal skills.When you cannot find a place,you consult your GPS instead of consulting local people.You spare more time playing mobile games than playing real games with real people.As time passes,it’s possible that you may have difficulty in communicating with people.
6 `8 ?8 [6 g! |+ i  Therefore,isn’t it better to get rid of smartphone addiction?
- m, h, R' E* c( k% m  词汇:
6 d/ w( K) y' C& h: D  troubles困难;困境;麻烦(trouble的名词复数)
8 G5 V# p3 ?4 M$ {  phenomenon现象,事件;奇迹;
9 f, }8 v2 }; D& d; u  smartphones智能手机(smartphone的复数). B, ^# d1 J+ c4 E, Q7 J) o5 v
  In the first place首先,从一开始/ z% V5 S) n! `7 W. y) {/ t
  visual fatigue视觉疲乏/ F- P# v1 n1 q  y( Q/ B
  cervical spondylosis颈椎病9 j0 R; t2 G; w  b+ ?$ p" S
  neurasthenia神经衰弱症7 L5 u6 }( [$ c
  interpersonal skills人际关系技巧;人际交往技能) K4 h, e0 ~2 ?6 \! L
  communicating通讯;交际;传达,表达(communicate的现在分词)) L% H4 A# g/ a; u, m
  范文11:好奇心的重要性. v  @% N, B% o: c: i, h
; v  u2 B- f6 D  要想成功,需要有好奇心。另外,好奇心可以让人有前进的动力。爱因斯坦说过“我没有特殊的才能,但我有充满热情的好奇心”,那么,你认为好奇心重要吗?
  K5 f& P& I2 V, o  范文:
8 f% c% I8 U7 t2 [- }/ d) J* Z: N  The above saying from einstein vividly echoes a piece of quotation:stay hungry;stay foolish,which is put forward by steven jobs,the late ceo of apple inc.undoubtedly,both of the two great men attach importance to curiosity.to some extent,we may safely maintain that without curiosity,without success.% O. D' M, B( P; }4 Q
  In the first place,curiosity is the premise of innovation,which can be seen as the key to success.besides einstein,a case in point is steven jobs,who always keeps curious,devoted to innovation.so,there is no exaggeration to say that the success of apple inc doesn’t suppress us at all.in the second place,the quality of being curious provides us with the drive to go forward.to put it another way,where there is curiosity,there is advancement.for example,if a scientist desires to make progress in his research community,he must hold a curious heart;otherwise,his research will eventually go into a corner.1 v0 N) V) o5 f# B
  In conclusion,it is not too much to say that curiosity plays an indispensable role both in personal and corporate success.so,it is wise for us to bear in mind great men’s sayings concerning curiosity and practice them as much as possible.  ~2 f7 B/ y; u9 k0 z; z# u, c$ g( z
  词汇:8 C, _$ L+ y" b& c! {  c" d
  Einstein爱因斯坦7 p3 Z9 _1 ]6 n, b# B" n
  attach importance to重视& C1 ]9 g* N" C1 @
  a piece of一块;一片;$ b. a' W8 d: Z9 T+ i. r
  echoes回声,共鸣(echo的名词复数). j/ Z3 u8 H2 y5 M! ^; F& X
  In the first place首先,从一开始;压根儿
1 N' T2 ~" C5 T! E* x$ x- ?  in the second place其次,第二点1 d. t) y* a' I* `; @& E/ l# k& y
  research community研究团体
  E. g: f8 z2 m8 j2 R2 |' }7 e  put it another way换言之
3 m! p$ p4 L) B9 r) J3 `  In conclusion最后,综上所述) A" o: c% W3 X- x8 v( e; q
3 {: C7 |6 X( s( c  范文12:英语口语测试是必要的吗
+ L. G2 \8 k, ^) Y  话题:
# S; J% a# b0 T) O4 e  _! Z+ M. D  每年在四六级英语考试或者是托福雅思考试时,除了笔试之外还会有口语考试。而在我们的工作生活中也会用到口语,但有不少人认为在生活中极少用到口语,考试应取消,那么,你认为口语测试有必要吗?6 \% u2 h! c6 x. p' m) N+ U% i3 J
  范文:: I2 n% |- h8 R. X) s/ V5 z& u
  As regards a test of spoken English,there has been a heated dis-cussion among the general public in our society.People who believe in its necessity argue that spoken English test helps to evaluate students’spoken English ability.WThat’s more,it will definitely stimulate students to lay more emphasis on listening and speaking,which are surely needed in their future career.$ H" |2 {* d. C- `5 J" X) a+ E
  By contrast,others hold that spoken English test is of no necessity.According to a recent survey conducted by China Daily,a slight proportion(8,37 percent)of college graduates actually use spoken English in their daily work.In addition,spoken English test may not faithfully reflect the level and therefore cast doubt on college students.: P5 }2 ?3 Q( b
  As far as I am concerned,I am most happy to attend such a test of spoken English.I plan to seize every chance to improve my oral Eng-lish ability so as to achieve outstanding performance in the coming test.
8 m/ o3 t' S7 ^$ L, [( B  词汇:
' i8 _: f3 t- M, `  v  lay more emphasis on强调,重点放在(还可以有如下搭配:put/place emphasis on/upon)' `( s/ d3 H. O3 O+ ?8 l6 a
: U) e- k: ^1 g& E- u5 j  be most happy to非常乐意(明显强于通常所用的wouldlike to,be glad to,be willing to等)/ T. g; f$ M1 H: p
  seize every chance to抓住每个机会
* h6 S1 y5 _& |0 O0 W  achieve out standing performance取得很好的表现或成绩
, g: g0 M4 S0 s; A9 m  N1 V  范文13:如何来获取幸福) U! @  `- Q6 E
  话题:; o2 w7 \* t8 `9 v
$ o% z% P# ~; f7 n* D% d  范文:( M1 M8 O! r! }8 P0 s! {: z6 M& O
  As an old saying goes,“Happiness is not the absence of problems,but the ability to deal with them.”Why is difficult to define,or rather discover and achieve happiness?I maintain the major determinant lies in a person’s attitudes.$ G# ~6 d6 b2 y7 j  i# m$ s
  There is little correlation?between the circumstance of people’s lives and how happy they are.Instead,happiness lies in the struggle to be happy.To demonstrate,people sometimes go to extremes?,and frantically pursue money,power,high social status,and so on,which are all symbols of success—but never of happiness.Perhaps if they shifted their life’s goal from ultimate success to unswerving efforts and to a confidence that they will be successful one day they would be a great deal happier.
7 G' z; D' Q- ~  e9 J" n: J  Besides defining it,how do I achieve happiness?There is little doubt that?various people have diverse ways of going about this task.As for me,the most significant secret is realizing that happiness is a by-product of something else.The most obvious sources are those pursuits that give our lives a purpose.These can be anything from playing tennis to studying insects.The more passions we have,the more happiness we are likely to experience.
5 b" X6 E$ A4 T, v% U  词汇:
* m+ f! q! z  b2 M- i  old saying古话;老话* h6 q) a" ^) J
  absence缺席,缺勤" ?) h- {% P5 q) h: K) h) f7 `
# z7 `8 f/ W# I  circumstance环境,境遇;事实
- B' Q* b% q0 L  symbols符号;标志;象征(symbol的名词复数)
, A1 J, x/ l: v' y* I, c  frantically疯狂地,狂热地2 r3 u9 ?+ q+ m9 K+ @
' H& w4 J: ?* ?( k  passions爱好;激情(passion的名词复数)
( ]- q* u6 q% W" {# T  范文14:互相帮助9 @4 d% X& _3 k. V. @- b
  话题:+ ]. W+ _( S4 v% X3 M* Q
1 d1 U  i1 |+ q2 L1 U4 q# V9 S  范文:. h8 I, g3 u0 Y: Q/ R  p+ E% W
  The rapid development of today's society has aroused a heated discussion as to whether we should help others in the society.Views on the topic vary greatly among people from different walks of life,among which there goes a well-known saying:"Help others and you will be helped when you are in need",suggesting that we should try to help others kindly.! v5 O1 ^# K' a3 f2 X1 Y# j) B
  I totally agree with this saying for the reasons presented below.First,it is good for the whole society because if everyone in the society can give a hand to each other,it is more likely that the society will become more peaceful.Second,it is good for the person himself/herself.For example,if a person tries to help others when they have trouble,when he needs help,he can get help from other people.So,I totally agree with this saying.; z- [- l2 S0 f5 B/ y( L
  From my perspective,it is crucial that modern education should encourage people to support each other.Also it is crucial that people should understand the meaning and value of helping each other.Only in this way can they build a harmonious society.
6 r: v- b! c8 D5 [. U; [  词汇:! ~0 r5 A7 U1 g0 e0 i/ \9 ^# R  q
5 F6 n0 ~8 c" J  different walks of life各行各业
4 ~( m3 d4 y& c" L* X3 Q7 \8 h' q6 ^  suggesting暗示;建议(suggest的现在分词)
( Y1 f3 Q* Q- Y* Z+ v. {  give a hand帮助( v/ k6 q4 e- Z+ Y. b# j
  more likely可能的,有希望的(likely的比较级)
2 M9 p4 M- c8 D6 {3 q; J  other people别人;他人
4 K, `) E' D2 R/ _9 a  perspective透镜,望远镜;观点
# {, [" [- j; |) T  support each other彼此呼应
. @9 V4 m6 z# s9 y" ^; N8 [  harmonious society和谐社会
( n+ n% O4 k# J# }  四六级考试写作范文干货分享
7 }( e( `) }. X1 v. T4 B5 b' _  范文15:大众传媒的功能" V- w0 B* X- A! ]. u
  话题:9 A: v; q* D: R, {
$ E, v# t# f" c% T0 I% }  范文:
' v7 Q/ c3 L) F% x6 s+ R  Mass media are very important tools ofcommunication,through which information ispassed to even the fa rthest end of the world.Theyenable us to communicate with each other byhelping us to overcome the barrier s of time andspace.
9 [3 v8 J5 n# \% @  Mass media function in va riou s ways.Below are listed the most commonly seen.
. G+ l7 Z" d" D/ s  First,mass media keep us well informed of the happenings of the world which wouldotherwise remain unknown.
( \* c( D$ P' P4 {: H  Second,mass media persuade us mostly through adv**isements.As we can see,newspapers,magazines and tv are filled with all kinds of colour ful,persuasive adv**isementswhich tempt us to buy their products.6 {4 U5 R) y9 h/ h
  Third,mass media give us ent**ainment.Television and radio broadcasting provide us with abig variety of progr ammes every day.Films,books,magazines,etc.give us dailyamusement.
( Q- c% D' K2 ^% m  In a word,mass media will be all the more important in the future and their functions willenormously expand.Limited by space,only a few examples are mentioned here.4 p; V& [: V( v4 F) F; I
: n7 e, G! ~0 c" X' `% N1 Y  important重要的;权威的$ W# l& u9 V0 a5 m3 L6 p0 Z
  through透过;经由;通过) o& s+ O7 z( G. `$ u( u" V: N
  commonly通常地;一般地;平凡地;粗俗地% M! r) w( U5 `4 [( {1 Z* K- c
$ w( }/ v  M1 ]0 F5 b1 F  mass media大众传媒
( J1 e2 I: U; {  n5 R* Z0 T2 Z0 D2 \) Q. q' n! ^" Q: {( M
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